YOOtheme Pro for WordPress

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YOOtheme Pro for WordPress

It's been a couple of weeks since we released YOOtheme Pro and quite a few things happened in the meantime. We have been working hard and are excited to announce that as of today, YOOtheme Pro is available for WordPress! Joomla and WordPress users won't only be able to enjoy last month's website Fuse, but also our new release Horizon.

There's still more good news to share. You can now use Widgetkit 2 and YOOtheme Pro simultaneously. We know that this will make many of you guys very happy.

In addition we published 12 minor releases in the last 4 weeks which come with a new style, a bunch of new features, options and settings as well as several improvements and bug fixes. This is an impressive number that we are proud of and hopefully it shows, how passionate we are about YOOtheme Pro. We will keep pushing even more updates in the future. Read on to find out what all this means in detail.

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YOOtheme Pro

Here is our new all-in-one website builder

YOOtheme Pro released

After almost one year of development we are incredibly proud to release YOOtheme Pro for Joomla today. It is the biggest step for us since the founding of YOOtheme and it will bring a new era that merges our products into a single, groundbreaking toolkit for creating web experiences: The website builder. It will revolutionize the way you work and lets you create beautiful websites in no time - without the need to write a line of code.

YOOtheme Pro in detail

The new website builder is the heart of YOOtheme Pro and your most important tool. It allows you to customize and manage pretty much every aspect of your website and to build entire pages with modular building blocks, called elements. You can edit Joomla content, like menus and modules, without leaving the YOOtheme Pro administration. All this happens in a real-time preview, so that you can see changes that you make immediately.

To give you an overview of all the new YOOtheme Pro features, we've lauched a brand new landing page. Check it out!

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Page Builder

Create sophisticated layouts with YOOtheme Pro

Create websites in no time with the YOOtheme Pro website builder

Only one week is left until our magnificent new website builder will drop and change the way you create websites forever. Now it's time for the last installment of our blog post series. Let's talk about the most spectacular part of the website builder: the page builder.

What is it for?

Sophisticated page content isn't easy to create. Having to set up a page's layout with all its headlines, grids and other design elements in plain HTML can be daunting and take quite a while. So, our goal was to enable you to create a complete website quickly and to produce perfect, updateable markup without coding.

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Website Builder

YOOtheme Pro lets you create websites in no time

Create websites in no time with the YOOtheme Pro website builder

Today we want to introduce you to our groundbreaking new website builder. It will be the most important tool when it comes to website creation and will have a huge impact on the way you work as a web designer.

The new website builder splits the screen into a sidebar on the left and a real-time preview on the right with the actual website. It contains all the tools to manage the complete look and layout of your website. The concept is similar to the Warp 7 style customizer that many of you are familiar with, though it is much more powerful with all theme functionalities available in one place. It is a complete website builder that allows you to modify theme settings, pick logos and the site's favicon, build entire layouts and change your theme's appearance.

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1-Click Updates

And easy customizations with YOOtheme Pro

YOOtheme Pro introduces 1-Click Updates

It is time for our next milestone on the road to YOOtheme Pro. Today's blog post is about how we are improving customizations and updating themes without losing your modifications.

Warp has always supported customizations. So far, these have been spread across different files in the theme, keeping us from implementing automatic 1-click updates. YOOtheme Pro themes will save settings into the database and introduce child themes to completely separate the core theme and modifications.

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YOOtheme Pro

Taking website creation to the next level

YOOtheme Pro

We are thrilled to announce YOOtheme Pro – our next generation of themes. On October 10, we are going to launch a completely new, groundbreaking website builder that will revolutionize the way you work.

So far, we've been working on the new website builder about for 8 months. We took into account all the feedback you gave us in the Warp 8 wish list thread in our support center. Right now, we are working full blast on getting everything ready. This huge undertaking requires our entire workforce. So first of all, we'd like to thank you for the support we have received after our blog post on Luna theme. The overall reactions have been very positive despite the fact that we will have to skip one month's theme release. But we are convinced that you will not be disappointed.

Today we're going give you a short introduction of the four major features coming with this new era of YOOtheme Pro themes.

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Announcing UIkit 3

Beta phase coming soon

Announcing UIkit 3

We're very proud to announce the next big leap for our beloved front-end framework: UIkit 3! The development started 8 months ago in January and since then we are working continuously on it. It's a complete overhaul of the entire framework. Compared to UIkit 2, where we've added more and more features with the later releases, the focus of UIkit 3 is on rewriting and optimizing the code base. UIkit 3 will be smarter, faster, leaner and even more powerful.

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