Flux template

August 09 YOOtheme club template

Flux template

Get your hands on Flux, the newest YOOtheme template creation. Flux is based on the new Warp5 Joomla template framework and is designed with a chromish style which looks perfect for example for gaming sites.

Flux shines with its flashy menu bar, for which we once again used our amazing fancy menu: The menu items look like they are buttons pushed into the menubar. Also the YOOsearch and the breadcrumbs fit in perfect with the template design. Of course, Flux comes with our awesome new Warp5 menu that you might already know from our last template Phoenix. It also allows you to publish modules in the dropdown menu and, like all our templates, it comes with loads of module variations.

Warp5 updates

We also added some new features to our Warp5 framework:

  • The fancy menu effect is now also applied to modules published on the menu position.
  • The effect of the fancy menu remains even when the cursor goes off the dropdown and back on again.
  • You can assign individual widths for modules published in the dropdown via the Module Class Suffix, for example: dropdownwidth-255.
  • You can set individual dropdown widths for menu items via the Page Class Suffix, for example: columnwidth-200.
  • You can turn off background images for a specific menu via the Menu Class Suffix, for example: images-off.
  • We also improved a few module templates.

Feature list

  • Built with the new Warp template framework
  • New muti-column dropdown menu with fancy effect
  • Nice text shadow for headlines, modules and menu
  • Lots of modules with color variations, endless combinations with icons and badges possible
  • 2-1-3 column ordering for search engine friendliness
  • Compact size, using gzip and image sprites
  • Works with all YOOtools (Joomla 1.5 only)

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Google loves YOO

Warp5 is a very search engine friendly template framework for Joomla


Optimizing your website to easily get found by search engines and make it as accessible as possible is what makes the difference between an average website and a good one. When we gave the Warp framework its last layout makeover, one of our major goals while widening its flexibility was to achieve the best search engine friendliness possible. That's when we came up with introducing our new 2-1-3 column ordering.

2-1-3 column ordering means that in the HTML structure the Joomla component (which contains your most relevant content) gets rendered first, and then the left and right columns. The order of the columns displayed on the screen does not have anything to do with the order if the DIVs in the HTML structure. This is currently the most modern and search engine friendliest approach that is around. The image to the right shows the columns as displayed in Warp-based templates, the code to the left it is the HTML structure (simplified) that we use to create this layout:

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Navigation with Warp5

Get a clue how the fancy Drop Down and Accordion Menus of the Warp5 menu system work

Navigation with Warp5

In this post we're going to check out the endless navigational possibilities of the Warp framework's completely re-worked menu system.

Please also check out our last posts on Warp in which we presented a brief overview on the framework's history, showed you how fast it loads and checked out what the module system has to offer.

How it works

First of all, we use the Menu Class Suffix of a menu module to define what type of menu we want to render. The Warp framework comes with three different menu types, "dropdown", "accordion" and "default".

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Discover the Warp5 module system

Learn how the Warp5 module system works and develop your own modules

Discover the Warp5 module system

In our last two posts on the Warp framework we presented a brief overview on the framework's history and showed you how fast it loads. In this post we're going to check out what the module system has to offer.

The new Warp5 framework includes a comprehensive and sophisticated module system. It comes with a new parameterization of the module class suffix, module templates and styles with a lot of variations of colors, header icons and badges. Furthermore, almost any kind of layout is possible with the numerous module positions and their different module proportions that you can even create yourself.

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Faster loading with Warp5

Our new template framework Warp5 unites awesome design and fast loading times.

Faster loading with Warp5

A couple of days ago we introduced our new template framework Warp5. Today we want to show you how fast it is.

Coding our templates we always have one thing in mind: Speed. When we created Warp5 we were thinking about how we can make our future templates perform the best they possibly can.

Despite its beauty, the first Warp5-based template "Phoenix" only loads 9 kb of CSS, 3 kb of images and optional 22 kb of JavaScript for all animated effects (Mootools library is included)!

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New template framework


Today we introduce our new framework called 'Warp'. So whats this all about? First of all since the beginning every YOOtheme template design is based on a framework. A framework provides a powerful layer you can develop a new template upon which uses all the features like CSS/JavaScript compression and JavaScript effects to create richer user experience. Overall using a framework makes it easier to create great templates which simply work in a cross-browser environment. Also our Warp template framework evolves over time because we constantly apply updates, add enhancements or introduce new features. Finally we think it's important for you guys to know that each YOOtheme template is more than just a design because there's also a lot of stuff happening inside. Further the template framework helps anyone who extends and customizes a YOOtheme template to create a individual website for a small or even large webproject.

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Phoenix template

July 09 YOOtheme club template

Phoenix template

We are happy to announce that with our new template Phoenix we are introducing a new era in YOOtheme templating: our shiny new Warp template framework. Warp is what's under the hood of a YOOtheme template. With Phoenix, you get a wide range of awesome new features. First of all, there is our amazing new multi-column dropdown menu, which is a true novelty for the Joomla world: You can set as many columns as you want, set the column width in the backend, display big icons for second level items ... you gotta check it out yourself, it looks so cool!

Phoenix also comes with lots of modules, some of them with color variations. Now you can also show icons in your module headers. Phoenix provides an endless supply of combinations of module styles, colors, badges and icons. The new 2-1-3 column ordering makes Phoenix super search engine friendly. The two nested 3-column-layouts makes your website amazingly flexible. And also, this is our fastest template ever, sporting a new way of CSS/JS compression and background image sprites.

Feature list

  • Built with the new Warp template framework
  • Amazing new muti-column dropdown menu
  • Icons in module headers
  • Lots of modules with color variations, endless combinations with icons and badges possible
  • 2-1-3 column ordering for search engine friendliness
  • Our fastest template ever, using image sprites
  • Works with all YOOtools (Joomla 1.5 only)

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ZOO event in retrospect

Take a look at all the pictures and the video we created of our ZOO presentation.


Today we want to give a brief roundup on our ZOO presentation at Hagenbeck ZOO's Tropical Aquarium on May 27th, 2009. We know that it has already been five weeks since we had this great event but it took us some time to look through all the pictures, create the video and prepare this blog post.

First of all, thanks everyone for coming. We were almost 40 people in the Huge Shark Atoll, and we think it was a very nice evening with a stunning atmosphere. The presentation was divided into three parts. The first one was held by Annabel, talking about the architecture and the different application purposes of the ZOO. Then, Janine talked about everything you can do in the backend of the ZOO, creating catalogs, categories, types and items. After Janine's presentation, Sven showed what you can do with templates and overrides, how to render elements and what the different views are for. He also showed in which folders you can find all the files needed to create templates and what all of those files do, basically everything you need to know to be able to create your own templates. After the presentation, Steffan gave a lookout on which features are going to be implemented in the next ZOO versions. We will do a blog post about the upcoming features of ZOO 1.1 in the next weeks. Finally we had individual conversations about Joomla, the ZOO, YOOtheme and the daily work we all do as web developers, of which some were very inspiring.

We recorded the whole event and created a short video for all who could not participate. Don't forget to continue reading to see all the images. Enjoy the video impressions:

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Level template

June 09 YOOtheme club template

Level template

Welcome "Level" the new June'09 template from YOOtheme, the overall simplistic, elegant and versatile design makes it a perfect match for your website. Level's top and bottom module position uses a transparency effect which combined with the background image is the eye-catcher of this template.

It's also a perfect spot to place your product teaser or banner for example utilizing the YOOscroller module module. Level brings you 9 beautifully designed glossy module variations, which nicely integrate in your different page layouts.

Further the template offers 12 great business style color variations you can choose from! By the way: The Level works perfectly with the ZOO extension, the versatile catalog component which includes a content construction kit!

Feature list

  • 12 great background variations
  • 9 different module variations
  • Tableless overrides for all Joomla components
  • Smart CSS to customize Joomla components
  • Enhanced module system with flexible proportions
  • Fully sliced Fireworks .png Source files
  • Works with all YOOtools

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Last chance to join the ZOO presentation

Meet the YOOtheme developers in Hamburg, Germany at Hagenbeck ZOO on May 27th, 2009


Hi there, we want to remind you that on the 27th of May we are going to present our ZOO component at the Huge Shark Atoll of the Hagebeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany. If you want to participate, drop us a line within the next two days as we will only accept registrations until the 20th of May. The entry is free. You can find more information on the previous blog post.

  • Date: Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
  • Time: 19:00 (Central European Summer Time)
  • Location: Hagenbeck ZOO, Tropical Aquarium
  • Address: Lokstedter Grenzstraße 2, Hamburg, Germany
  • Email registration is required until May 20th, 2009
  • The presentation and discussion will be held in German language

See you on the 27th!

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