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We are thrilled to announce YOOtheme Pro – our next generation of themes. On October 10, we are going to launch a completely new, groundbreaking website builder that will revolutionize the way you work.

So far, we've been working on the new website builder about for 8 months. We took into account all the feedback you gave us in the Warp 8 wish list thread in our support center. Right now, we are working full blast on getting everything ready. This huge undertaking requires our entire workforce. So first of all, we'd like to thank you for the support we have received after our blog post on Luna theme. The overall reactions have been very positive despite the fact that we will have to skip one month's theme release. But we are convinced that you will not be disappointed.

Today we're going give you a short introduction of the four major features coming with this new era of YOOtheme Pro themes.

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Announcing UIkit 3

Beta phase coming soon

Announcing UIkit 3

We're very proud to announce the next big leap for our beloved front-end framework: UIkit 3! The development started 8 months ago in January and since then we are working continuously on it. It's a complete overhaul of the entire framework. Compared to UIkit 2, where we've added more and more features with the later releases, the focus of UIkit 3 is on rewriting and optimizing the code base. UIkit 3 will be smarter, faster, leaner and even more powerful.

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Luna Theme

August 2016 YOOtheme club theme


This August's theme release is a special one for us. Luna comes with a vibrant, colorful design that doesn't need big images to impress. The typographic teaser makes a grand opening, while four custom Widgetkit plugins help you to bring out your content. In addition, Luna's styles are extra sophisticated, including beautiful background effects. Each one was crafted with loving detail, essentially making them mini themes themselves.

We have a big announcement for you guys. Luna will be the last Warp 7 release and some major changes are coming. But more about that later.


Luna theme comes with four custom plugins for Widgetkit 2, our smart tool set for content creation: a Gallery, List, Slideshow and a Grid widget, plus a modifier class for the default Grid widget.


The custom Gallery widget uses tags not only to filter items, but places them inside a list below the title. This works perfectly in all overlays and panel styles. The default gallery options are still available.

Luna widget Gallery


This List widget allows you to arrange content in a layout that is similar to a description list. Items can be separated with borders, backgrounds or just space. Additionally, you can add a subtitle below the title of each item, by adding information to the Subtitle field of the Settings tab in the widget administration.

Luna widget List


Luna theme comes with a Slideshow widget that is great for displaying short information, like quotes or testimonials. Media items are placed inside a circle on top of the panel, like an avatar. You can also add a Watermark through the custom field in the Settings tab.

Luna widget Slideshow


This Grid widget places a check icon in the top-left corner of each item. On hover, a panel background appears and a different style is applied to the icon. Note that this widget does not support media items.

Luna widget Grid

In addition to the custom Grid, we provide the modifier class .tm-grid-button, which you can add to a regular Grid widget. A spinning arrow button will then appear when hovering grid items.

Luna widget Grid Button


This theme comes with unusually versatile styles that include different textures, gradients, shadows and filled as well as outlined UI elements. Another thing that makes these styles unique are the background animations that we've added. There are fireflies, particles and different geometric forms that float with a parallax effect when you move the cursor. You can select each of these backgrounds in the Layouts section of the Warp administration and they adapt to all styles (except for the fireflies, which naturally, you can only see in the dark).

Luna Navbar


Luna theme includes three different layouts for the main navigation. It can be stacked with the logo above the centered menu, so that there's plenty of space for big logos. But you can also apply a single line, left aligned navigation or even place the logo in the middle of the centered menu. The items will be distributed equally on both sides.

The navbar also comes with a sticky option, so that it remains fixed at the top of the browser window when you scroll the page. Additionally, there's an option to turn the navbar transparent and place it on top of the content. This looks great on all section backgrounds. If sticky mode is enabled, its background color will be applied again to the navbar upon scrolling.

Luna Navbar


Apart from a custom blog style and a number of appearance options for each position, Luna theme comes with the Smoothscroll position where you can add a dotted navigation to scroll through long pages. We've also added a bunch of custom classes to help you style your content. For example, you can see a fancy typographic teaser on the frontpage of the demo, which is easily replicated.

Luna Teaser

Check out the Theme page for instructions and full list of the features and custom classes of Luna theme.

  • Different background animations
  • 4 custom widgets and a modifier class
  • 3 main navigation layouts and sticky option
  • Custom blog layout
  • Demo pages built with Widgetkit 2
  • Full UIkit components styling
  • 6 sophisticated style variations
  • Easy customizer and LESS integration
  • WooCommerce support

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

Farewell Warp 7

The time has come after three years and 38 themes to part from Warp 7. We've spent the past six months working on its successor and are happy to announce that it won't be long now. We are even more excited to announce that this one isn't "just" going to be Warp 8. It will be a completely new theme framework, including new versions of both Widgetkit and UIkit. We think in one word, it will be GROUNDBREAKING :-) In order to be able to take on the enormous workload that comes along with this project, we decided not to release a new theme next month. This is the first time in the entire history of our company, which has produced 116 themes (not counting legendary Mega theme) that we skip a month and we hope for your understanding that we want to concentrate all our energies on this new generation of themes. We can assure you that it will be worth the wait. So buckle up!

During the next months we're going to release weekly blog posts that will disclose some of the features our new theme framework will have to offer. So keep your eyes on our blog. If you have any feature requests, we would also like to encourage you to post them here in the comments. These are exciting times for us!

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Monday Theme

July 2016 YOOtheme club theme


We've already reached half-time of the year and are presenting our July theme release: Monday comes with a classical boxed layout and a color coded tag system that occurs throughout blog articles, six custom Widgetkit plugins and several other elements. This makes Monday theme great for any business or news website.


Monday theme allows you to assign one of 10 different colors to each of your tags in the Warp administration. Tagged menu items in your main navigation will then adopt the appropriate color and display a matching border below the navbar.

Monday Tags

You can also apply tag colors to different UI elements, like badges or tabs by adding one of the .tm-tag-* classes to a container element – like a panel – or the <li> elements of a tabbed navigation.

To highlight text elements with a tag color, just add one of the .tm-tag-color-* classes.


As usual, this theme comes with our content creator toolkit Widgetkit 2. In addition to the default widgets, Monday includes six custom plugins, incorporating the color coded tags.


The custom Switcher widget features a tabbed navigation. You can assign a tag to each item, so an animated, colored border will appear on its tab and the tag will be displayed above the content.

Monday Tabs

Slideshow Panel

This Slideshow Panel optionally displays each item's tag above the content. The slidenav can be positioned at the top right, top left, bottom left and bottom right of the Slideshow Panel.

Monday Slideshow Panel


Monday theme includes a custom Slideshow that displays content inside a hover panel on top of each media item. The thumbnav features a colored border at the top of the active item to signalize its tag.

Monday Slideshow


The Grid widget arranges media and content in a teaser layout, placing the image above or in alternating order above and below the content. They are divided by colored borders representing the different tags.

Monday Grid


The Twitter widget allows you to render your latest three tweets inside a Slideshow.

Monday Twitter


Use this custom List widget to publish tagged articles inside a list. Each item's tag will be displayed above its title.

Monday List


Monday theme comes with two different navigation layouts, which you can select in the Warp administration. One aligns the logo and menu to the left. The other one centers both in a stacked layout. This is great, if your design has a big logo. The navbar can be set to sticky mode, so that it remains at the top of the browser window when scrolling down the page.

Additionally, the dropdown can be extended to the width of the entire browser window.

Monday Navigation


Business is all well and good. But apart from a practical layout, we wanted to give this theme a very individual and versatile style. That's why we decided to add a unique background to each of our six style variations. Galaxy and Material, for example, feature subtle animations, while Organic comes with a nice photographic backdrop and Salmon is more down to earth with a light texture.

Monday Background

Block Footer

Apart from the modular box design, we've created a separated footer for this theme. You can apply different background colors and vertical padding to this block in the Layouts section of the Warp administration.

Monday Footer


Monday theme features a custom blog style that presents the article and its featured image side by side and also uses colored tags. You can apply a different grid gutter to every widget/module position or remove the spacing altogether in the Warp administration. To cap it all off, there are three additional widget/module styles that combine a custom header with boxed panels.

Monday Article

To check out all styles, additional options and custom classes, take a look a the Theme page.

  • Special incorporation of tags
  • 6 different custom Widgetkit plugin
  • 2 main navigation layouts and sticky option
  • Special footer block with custom options
  • Custom blog layout
  • Demo pages built with Widgetkit 2
  • Full UIkit components styling
  • 6 pre-built style variations
  • Easy customizer and LESS integration
  • WooCommerce support

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

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Nic & Em Theme

June 2016 YOOtheme club theme

Nic and Em

Love is in the air this June and the first summer breeze brings along Nic & Em, our newest release. This wedding themed template stands out with its vertically split layout, new module/widget positions, a bunch of handy features and four custom Widgetkit plugins! It provides the perfect base for couples to plan their wedding and present photos and memories afterwards. But its versatility and different styles make Nic & Em great for any event website, portfolio or other content.

Aside position

Nic & Em theme comes with the additional Aside position. That's what forms the distinguishing two column layout of this theme. Modules/widgets you publish here will be displayed on the left side of the screen, while the remaining content stays on the right. On resolutions below 1366px it will automatically move to a teaser position at the top of the browser to save valuable space.

Nic and Em Aside Responsive

The Aside position has a couple of custom settings that you can adjust in the Warp administration. Its width can vary between 25% and 50% and it can be positioned on the left or right side of the content. Set a background color, image and an overlay and combine these with different blend modes, opacity settings and a contrast color option, so that typographic elements look good on dark backgrounds. The entire appearance is up to you.

Nic and Em Aside

An article's title and meta data will also be rendered in the Aside position, if the option is enabled. In single view, the featured image of each blog item will automatically appear there.

Nic and Em Blog

A number of block appearance settings are also available for the other positions. You can set a background color, image, blend modes and opacity with a contrast option. The content of each block can have different paddings, widths, full viewport height and if this isn't enough, you can also add your own class.


Nic & Em uses Widgetkit 2 to render some of its content. In addition to the large number of default widget plugins, this theme provides a custom Grid Stack, two special Slideshows and an Event widget.

Grid Stack

The custom Grid Stack widget comes with the additional option to set a watermark image for each item. Just type in your text in the Watermark field of your widget's content administration and it will be displayed discreetly in the background of your item as a nice typographical detail. All default Grid Stack settings are still available in this renderer.

Nic and Em Grid Stack

Slideshow Nav

Nic & Em theme comes with two custom Slideshows. The first one features a tabbed navigation that is placed above the Slideshow. The title of each item is used to switch through the content. Title and content are rendered inside a panel that overlays the media, while a custom style with an animated underline on hover can be applied to the link.

Nic and Em Slideshow Nav


The second Slideshow comes with a custom slidenav that can be positioned at the top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right of the Slideshow. A counter displays the number of items as well as the active item. The regular Slideshow features are available as well.

Nic and Em Slideshow


The Event widget is perfect to create a list of events, which can be filtered by date. You can enter a date and time and even a location in the Content tab of the widget administration. The event location will then be displayed in a link that opens up a map in the same tab or optionally inside a new one.

Nic and Em Event


Apart from these major features Nic & Em theme comes with lots of helpers and gimmicks that make this one special.


The additional Pageloader module/widget position allows you to create custom markup that will then be displayed on any page that it is published on, while the site is in the process of loading.

Nic and Em Pageloader

Overlay Search

Another gimmick is the fullscreen search of this theme. Instead of the usual input, this will open an overlay with a large search field, when you click the magnifier icon.

Nic and Em Overlay Search

Nic & Em theme comes with 6 style presets to show you the possibilities that it offers. A more detailed overview of the theme's features and a full list of available custom classes can be found on the Theme page. An FAQ will soon be available and you can find answers to questions that are not addressed there in our support area.

  • Vertically split layout through Aside position
  • Grid Stack, two Slideshows and a custom Event widget
  • Different block appearance settings
  • Custom blog layout
  • Demo pages built with Widgetkit 2
  • Full UIkit components styling
  • 6 pre-built style variations
  • Easy customizer and LESS integration
  • WooCommerce support

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

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Dolce Vita Theme

May 2016 YOOtheme club theme

Dolce Vita Theme

Summer season is starting and the Dolce Vita Theme arrived on time. This theme features varied block styles, a frame like style, a special bottom position, four custom widgets and many little helpers and modifiers. At first glance it looks like a theme made for fashion but you can add any personal or business related content, too to create your unique website. This theme also features 6 different and fancy styles to start from.

Dolce Vita also supports the latest Widgetkit 2.7 features. In case you've missed it, please check out this blog post.

Theme Layout

This theme provides a special option to display a subtly animated frame around the layout. You can decide between a frame that overlays your content and one that "hugs" your content by adding padding around it.

It also comes with a special layout position called bottom-offset, perfect to display banners or small teasers. The dimensions and spacings are calculated automatically according to the size of the published content, so that it always stays centered between the bottom and footer sections.

This time we decided to fully style almost everything in the contrast component .uk-contrast. This means all kinds of UIkit components like alerts, buttons, panels, subnavs, text elements and forms are completely styled. We recommend the class for dark and colored images and for the .uk-block-secondary modifier class/secondary background option in the block appearance section.

Dolce Vita Layout


The main navigation of Dolce Vita Theme supports the latest UIkit sticky navigation component features. You are able to choose from 4 different navigation layouts.

With the special overlay option, the logo will work as a hover trigger for the navigation to display. If you start scrolling down, the navigation will also appear.

Further you can enable a full width dropdown menu container, which will be displayed on top of the content.

Dolce Vita Navigation

Parallax Widget

As you may already have noticed, we’ve added CSS blend mode effects to the block appearance options of Dolce Vita and Avanti. Now we've added this to the Widgetkit 2 Parallax widget, too. The images can blend into the 2 different background colors!

Dolce Vita Parallax Widget

Slider Widget

This Slider supports CSS scaling for the before and after items. You can choose from different value options in the widget settings. While scrolling through the single items you will experience a liquid like effect. We also have modified the overlay to allow some more flexibility.

Dolce Vita Slider Widget

Gallery Widget

The Gallery grid provides a pre-defined sequence, which supports first- and last doubled item widths. This sequence is also fully responsive. We took a look at the overlay settings and added new options for blend modes, opacity, color, alignment and a boxed style.

Dolce Vita Gallery Widget

Grid Widget

For Dolce Vita, we have created a modified Grid widget to customize our output, especially the one we can not control at all, like WordPress/Joomla system content. We have added a truncate option for the title and the content, which makes it easier to control the data output and height.

Dolce Vita Grid Widget


Dolce Vita includes some additional features, like modifiers and helpers, to customize your content. It supports 3 font types by default to create a very unique look for your personal website. Please view the Theme page for a detailed overview of all included features and specials.

Dolce Vita Theme Styles

You will soon find answers from our support to your Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Parallax, Slider, Gallery and Grid widgets
  • Additional framed style
  • Four navigation layouts
  • Bottom-offset position
  • Dotnav follower
  • Different block appearance settings
  • Custom blog layout
  • Demo pages built with Widgetkit 2
  • Full UIkit components styling
  • 6 pre-built style variations
  • Easy customizer and LESS integration
  • WooCommerce support

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

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Pagekit 1.0 released

A modular and lightweight CMS

Pagekit 1.0 released - A modular and lightweight CMS

Last week the day had finally come to release Pagekit 1.0, our open source CMS that might just be the right choice for your next web project. The past couple of days have been beyond exciting for us!

With our experience in building for other platforms, the work on Pagekit has been directed by an idea that came to be a while ago: Let's build a CMS with a modern codebase that comes with an uncluttered user interface and makes it easy to completely create a simple website in minutes.

What is Pagekit?

Pagekit is a free and open source PHP CMS built with modern tools such as Symfony 3 components, UIkit and Vue.js. When coming from another CMS, you will find familiar concepts like the included widget management, but also fresh ideas like the Site Tree – the central interface to create content and manage your site's structure.

The admin interface is inspired by the Material Design guidelines and offers a tidy environment for effective content management. An included Marketplace, easy user management and a powerful HTML & Markdown editor – there's plenty to discover, so make sure to give Pagekit a try.

Getting started made easy

Head over to pagekit.com to download the new release. There you can also find the documentation and links to introductory screencasts that explain how to use Pagekit. By default, Pagekit installs using a lightweight SQLite database, so you can quickly use it on any modern PHP webhoster.

To get started, we are providing several free themes and extensions. All of these can be installed from the Marketplace, which is available right inside the Pagekit administration. The Formmaker, for example, allows you to add fully functional forms, including different field types and reCaptcha integration, to your Pagekit site. With the Userprofile extension you can create custom profiles for your users.

These are only a few of the available items in the Marketplace, which also include theme and extension blueprints to help developers create their own products. With the rising popularity of Pagekit more items will enter the Marketplace and support for commercial themes and extensions is planned for the future.

The journey ahead

Rest assured that we'll stay committed to developing for WordPress and Joomla. This is at the core of our business and it's not going anywhere. We are currently working on the Warp 7 and Widgetkit 2 successors and their releases are planned for the coming summer. The best news is that all themes based on the new framework are going to be compatible with Pagekit as well!

We are incredibly excited to share Pagekit 1.0 with you. So far the response has been overwhelming. Within a few hours the Pagekit website buckled under the demand and our Twitter feeds were exploding. A number of articles dedicated to Pagekit were published on Speckyboy, WebAppers, t3n and Cyon (the last two are written in German) and Pagekit was featured on Codrops, Reddit and Product Hunt, among many others. These are happy times for us and we hope that you'll give Pagekit it a try.

Visit the Pagekit Homepage

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Edge Theme

April 2016 YOOtheme club theme

Edge Theme

Back from the Easter holidays we are excited to present Edge, our April 2016 release. This theme comes with loads of useful features. For example, with our new additional block options you can align whole sections to the left or right. This offers entirely new possibilities for a variable and refreshing layout. Three custom widget plugins, a lot of attention to detail and a light, typography oriented design make it perfect for any blog or magazine website.

Custom Widgets

Edge theme comes with Widgetkit 2, our handy content creator toolkit. Apart from the default widget plugins, we've included a custom Slideshow Panel, Slider and a Slideshow widget.

Slideshow Panel

This Slideshow Panel widget automatically applies an offset to the content panel, so that it overlaps the image. Media can be placed at the left, right or top of the content.

Edge Slideshow Panel


The Slider Edge allows you to select a custom button that will be displayed inside the overlay. You can also display and link each item's title in its overlay.

Edge Slider


The custom Slideshow widget doesn't make use of the tradition overlay. Instead content will be displayed inside a panel on top of the image, which can be align to the left or right.

Edge Slideshow

Adaptive navbar

Edge theme features four different layouts for the main navigation. The menu can be centered and aligned to the left or right and it can be centered with the logo above the menu. You can set the navbar fixed, so it will stay at the top of the browser window when scrolling. Additionally, you can extend the dropdown to the width of the entire browser window.

Edge Navigation

Block Appearance

Each widget/module position of Edge theme can be styled differently. You can apply different background colors and vertical paddings and remove horizontal padding. Each block can have a default, large or full width layout. To add an interesting and varied touch to this theme, blocks can be aligned to the left or right.

Edge Block Layouts

Blog Layout

Of course we've also added a special blog layout. It places the featured image on alternating sides of the content. The title and meta data of the article are enhanced with a border that slightly overlaps the image.

Edge Blog


Edge theme comes with 6 style presets and a number of useful utility classes and theme components that will help you arrange your content. For a full list of these classes and a more detailed overview of the theme's features, check out the Theme page.

  • Slideshow Panel Slider and Slideshow widgets
  • 4 different navbar layouts with many options
  • Different block appearance settings
  • Custom blog layout
  • Demo pages built with Widgetkit 2
  • Full UIkit components styling
  • 6 pre-built style variations
  • Easy customizer and LESS integration
  • WooCommerce support

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

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Joy Theme

March 2016 YOOtheme club theme

Joy Theme

Spring is around the corner bringing us a fresh new theme. Joy – our March 2016 release – is bursting with special features, like two additional module positions, eye catching effects and custom Slideshow and Slideshow Panel widgets. It works great for any kind of website project, though it's particularly suited for charity, NGO or event presentations.

Hero Blocks

Joy theme comes with two special module positions: Top and Bottom Hero. Both expand to full viewport height and width and feature custom settings that are applied through the Warp administration. You can enter a background image path or a color value for each of these positions. Additionally you can animate the colored background, so it will rotate through different hues, and enable a particles animation. If this is not enough, you can also add your own custom class to further enhance your hero blocks. For example, adding the .tm-top-hero-gradient class will fade out the Top Hero position towards the bottom with a gradient.

Joy Hero Blocks

Typewriter effect

This effect is great for drawing attention to important headings. Just add the data-tw attribute to a text element. It is also possible to add an animation from UIkit to the incoming letters and to increase or decrease the speed of the effect.

Joy Typewriter Effect

Slideshow and Slideshow Panel

The custom Slideshow and Slideshow panel widgets feature a display announcing the number of items as well as the active item. The conjoint slidenav can be positioned to the top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right of the Slideshow.

Joy Custom Widgets

Page appearance

Joy theme allows you to display the site's wrapper with small, medium, large as well as full width

Joy Page Appearance

Navigation settings

This theme comes with three different navigation layouts. The main menu can be centered or aligned to the left or right. It can be placed on top of the content as a transparent navigation and it can be set fixed, so it remains at the top of the browser when scrolling.

Joy Navigaton

Another option allows you to extend the main navigation dropdown to the width of the entire browser window. A subtle overlay will be applied to the rest of the site while the dropdown is open.

Joy Navigaton

Blog layout

The optional custom blog layout places the date to the left of the article's content.

Joy Blog Layout


Joy theme comes with 6 style presets and a number of additional options to change the position appearance of each section. Some useful utility classes and theme components will help you arrange your content. For a full list of these classes and a more detailed overview of the theme's features, check out the Theme page.

  • Additional Hero module positions
  • Slideshow and Slideshow Panel widgets
  • Three different navbar layouts with more options
  • Different block appearance settings
  • Custom blog layout
  • Demo pages built with Widgetkit 2
  • Full UIkit components styling
  • 6 pre-built style variations
  • Easy customizer and LESS integration
  • WooCommerce support

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

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