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The YOOteam in California

We are back from the Joomla World Conference and brought 10 winners in our bags.

The YOOteam in California!

First of all we want to thank all of you guys! We had a great time at the Joomla World Conference 2012. It was really exciting to meet you all and get to know the people using Joomla and our products... and of course to take great pictures with you for our photo competition!

The Power of ZOO

The JWC offered a lot of really interesting talks and keynotes on a variety of topics for developers, designers and the whole community. We were especially excited about one of them. As many of you already know the ZOOlanders attended the conference as well and gave a talk on The Power of ZOO. So the YOOtheme team did not miss out on this opportunity to listen to Daniele's great talk. Read more about it in their JWC review blog post.

San Francisco

The Joomla World Conference '12 in San Jose was not the only stop for the YOOtheme team. Being in California we had to go to San Francisco, of course. And it was totally worth it! Cable Cars, Lombard Street, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Muir Woods or China Town, we tried to visit everything we could manage in the time we had. Besides all the cool sightseeing stuff we also had the great opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving and see how everybody is going crazy on the Black Friday, including ourselves ;)

Photo Competition

It was great to meet so many people and take a photo with them. We really enjoyed talking to you and sharing some beers later. We received so many cool pictures and it was hard to pick the 10 lucky winners. All winners will be notified by mail today that they have won a Joomla theme developer membership.

A big thanks again to all of you participating in our photo competition at the conference. Enjoy the winning pictures.

Photo competition winning pictures

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Joomla World Conference

Our team is going to the JWC in San Jose!

Our team is going to the Joomla World Conference in San Jose!

If you're going to San Francisco... ♪'re gonna meet some gentle people there. If you're going to San Francisco... ♪ Ok, that's not quite correct. Probably it should be more like: If you're going to San Jose, you're gonna meet the YOOtheme team! That's right, the whole YOOtheme crew is going to the upcoming Joomla World Conference 2012 from 16th - 18th November in San Jose. For us and all of you also attending the conference this will be a great opportunity to meet up, drink some beer and just have a good time together. And if that isn't enough of fun, we are also giving away free memberships!

Catch the team and win a membership!

We give away 10 Developer memberships for free! All you need to do is to take a picture with one of us and email it to That's it! In case you don't know who we are, just take a look at our team page. We will pick the 10 lucky winners after the trip and each one gets a Developer Joomla theme club membership for free. We're excited to meet some of you guys and looking forward to have a great time at the conference.

Update: Take a look at the competition winners and read the JWC review.

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Joomla!Day Germany

Meet the YOOtheme team at the Joomla!Day Germany in Hamburg!

Joomla!Day Germany

This year the well-known Joomla!Day Germany is taking place in our hometown Hamburg! With over 25 announced talks, a great speaker list and organized by the Mambo e.V., the team who brought you JandBeyond, we are expecting a great event with lots of fun. YOOtheme is already a proud Silver sponsor and we are looking forward attending at this great event.

The Joomla!Day is a two day event: The Business Day for web agencies and companies and the Community Day for all Joomla! enthusiasts. Our team will be there on both days and will be available for all kinds of questions. You are welcome to talk with us about our templates, the Warp Theme Framework, the Widgetkit, the ZOO extension or just about Joomla - no matter if you are a newbie or an experienced developer. We are already excited and hope to meet all the guys again from the JUG meetup in Hamburg last month.

The Joomla!Day will be on September 2nd and 3rd, each day from 9:00 till 18:00. The location is at OTTO ("find ich gut"), Wandsbeker Str. 3-7, 22172 Hamburg. The ticket fee is very moderate: Business Day 69 EUR and Community Day only 10 EUR! Drinks during the day and lunch are included. You can book your tickets on the Joomla!Day website. C'ya there!

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JUG meetup in retrospect

First time JUG Hamburg meeting at the Casino Kampnagel

JUG meetup in retrospect

Yesterday was the Joomla User Group meeting we organized in Hamburg. Thanks to all of you who joined us. We all had a great time! We were about 30 people - from newbie to experienced Joomla user. Most of them came from Hamburg and nearby but some even traveled a longer distance from Mannheim! The meetup started at 19:30 and the last ones left shortly after midnight. We had a lot of nice conversations and it was great to meet all the people who are passionate about Joomla chatting together.

We didn't expect that much people so for us the JUG meetup was a big success. We got a lot of positive feedback during the meetup so we are confident to be organizing a second JUG meetup later this year. But next up is the Joomladay in Hamburg on September 2nd and 3rd. We will be there on both days (Business and Community Day) and will be available for all kinds of questions. We hope to see all of you guys there!

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JUG Meetup in Hamburg

Meet the YOOtheme developers in Hamburg, Germany on June 15th, 2011

JUG Meetup in Hamburg

We are going to organize a Joomla User Group meeting in Hamburg, Germany! It will be a social meeting in a relaxed atmosphere in a restaurant/bar. Anyone who is working with Joomla, no matter if you are a newbie or an experienced developer, is invited to join us. We will chat about Joomla and you can ask our team about the template designs, the Warp6 framework and our ZOO extension. Thomas Kahl, organizer of the Joomla Day Germany 2011 and known as VirtuemartExpert will join us, too. So if you are starting an ebusiness he's the guy you want to talk to. Also Jan Gieselberg will join our meet up. You will know him from his website Joomla Downloads where he usually blogs about Joomla and provides a directory for selected extensions.

We think this get together will be a great warm up for the upcoming Joomla Day Germany in Hamburg. Expect some good conversations and lots of fun! And the best part is all beers will be on us, the whole evening! So come and join us.

The meetup will be on Wednesday, 15. June at 19.30 in Hamburg (Winterhude, Gertigstraße). Please send us an email if you will attend. The location will be announced soon. We look forward to meet all of you soon!

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I♥YOO Winners

Here are the 10 winning pictures of the I♥YOO competition 2010

I♥YOO Winners

You did it again! We received so many exciting pictures from all over the world... Thank you! It was really hard for us to pick the 10 winners. Thus we chose our 20 favorites and randomly picked the 10 lucky winners. We will notify them today by email that they have won a 6 month membership with the app bundle and all the new tools for ZOO 2.0. Congratulations!

We want to thank all of you guys again for participating in our I♥YOO competition. It was really fun! Enjoy the winning pictures.

This year we want to highlight some guys from raramuridesign, South Africa: Matthew, Dwight and Marcos. They did really funny pictures with alien masks through their travel from Cape Town to Amsterdam, Brussels and JandBeyond! Awesome, guys! We did a little Photoshop collage but also check out their travel log "Out of this World" with a lot of more pictures.

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Live presentations online!

On Monday 31st of May we attended the JandBeyond conference in Wiesbaden/Germany


First of all we want to thank the organizers of the JandBeyond conference for this great event and the whole on-site organization. Robert, Alex and the whole team did a great job! We had the chance to present two sessions about our templates and the new ZOO 2.0. For those of you who did not have the chance to see the presentations live, we recorded both of them on video and are proud to show you the result in this blog post. So lean back and enjoy the show!

YOOtheme templates - An inside look!

In our first presentation, Sven one of our lead designers took a closer look at the design process and the magic behind YOOtheme templates. He gave an insight of what makes a template a good tempate and what we do to achieve this. He also explained how easy it is to customize images of the templates using Fireworks. Watch the presentation:

YOOtheme templates - An inside look!

ZOO 2.0 in Action!

The second presentation by ZOO developer Jan and support team member Malte showed the ZOO 2.0 in action, and described what benefits you'll gain by using it. The visitors got an insight look of content building and templating and followed a live demonstration of building a blog with the ZOO in five minutes. Watch the presentation:

ZOO 2.0 in Action!

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I love YOO t-shirts

Get an I♥YOO t-shirt and donate to the WWF today!

I love YOO t-shirts

Ta-ta-tada! We are pretty proud to present our new online t-shirt shop! Since our I♥YOO competition and ZOO presentation last year, people would ask us where to get those I♥YOO t-shirts. So due to popular demand we opened a brand new t-shirt shop where you can get them! We were a little creative in our spare time and created a bunch of new designs too. Check out all the cool designs here. For each t-shirt we will make a charitable donation...

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I love YOO competition

Enter the competition and win the App Bundle for ZOO 2.0!

I love YOO competition

Almost 10.000 downloads of ZOO 2.0 in 4 days! This is amazing! Thank you guys for the great feedback we received via Twitter, email and our forum. Currently we are fixing some small bugs and then we are going back to our lab to cook up ZOO 2.1. As we promised we are aiming for short release cycles and you can expect updates very soon.

Win a free App Bundle for ZOO 2.0!

Like last year we are going to kick off a I♥YOO competition to celebrate the ZOO 2.0 release. We give away 10 ZOO memberships for free! This includes the cool new app bundle for ZOO 2.0. You find more information about it on the new ZOO website. In detail the ZOO membership will include the following:

You can also join the competition if you already have a ZOO membership. If you win we will extend your existing membership!

To win the app bundle download the I♥YOO PDF, print it and take a picture with you holding the printed I♥YOO paper. Then send the picture back to us ( We will pick the 10 lucky winners and each one gets a ZOO 2.0 app bundle for free. The competition ends on the 11. June and we will announce all winners on our blog and share the winning images with everybody. Now we leave it up to you and to take a great looking picture. So be creative, funny or just pick a fascinating sight.

Download the I♥YOO PDF

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ZOO event in retrospect

Take a look at all the pictures and the video we created of our ZOO presentation.


Today we want to give a brief roundup on our ZOO presentation at Hagenbeck ZOO's Tropical Aquarium on May 27th, 2009. We know that it has already been five weeks since we had this great event but it took us some time to look through all the pictures, create the video and prepare this blog post.

First of all, thanks everyone for coming. We were almost 40 people in the Huge Shark Atoll, and we think it was a very nice evening with a stunning atmosphere. The presentation was divided into three parts. The first one was held by Annabel, talking about the architecture and the different application purposes of the ZOO. Then, Janine talked about everything you can do in the backend of the ZOO, creating catalogs, categories, types and items. After Janine's presentation, Sven showed what you can do with templates and overrides, how to render elements and what the different views are for. He also showed in which folders you can find all the files needed to create templates and what all of those files do, basically everything you need to know to be able to create your own templates. After the presentation, Steffan gave a lookout on which features are going to be implemented in the next ZOO versions. We will do a blog post about the upcoming features of ZOO 1.1 in the next weeks. Finally we had individual conversations about Joomla, the ZOO, YOOtheme and the daily work we all do as web developers, of which some were very inspiring.

We recorded the whole event and created a short video for all who could not participate. Don't forget to continue reading to see all the images. Enjoy the video impressions:

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