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I love YOO Winners

Here are the pictures of our 10 winners of the I love YOO competition

I love YOO Winners

Thank you so much for all the photos you sent us! We are still surprised to see that your photos came from all over the world, this is so cool! So it was really hard for us to pick the ten winners. The people who sent in the ten most awesomest photos each won a license of the ZOO Pro Edition. We will notify all winners by email today.

We especially want to highlight one thing here: There is this one guy, Ben, who made our PDF into a huge billboard and took his family on a trip to take pictures of himself with that thing. Ben: Well done! Check out the I love YOO page on his website and especially his kid saying "I love you (YOO)" in the video, that's the cutest!

We want to thank all of you guys again for participating in our competition, this has been so much fun! Now take a look at the winner photos:

UPDATE: Great video made by Denise. She took some pictures at the Joomla! Day Las Vegas.

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I love YOO

Enter the competition and win a free ZOO Pro Edition!

I love YOO

It's been 3 days after the ZOO release and we are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we are getting for the new ZOO extension. Thank you guys! Over 1900 people downloaded the free Lite Edition already. We got a lot of feedback in our forum and already fixed some bugs which sneaked into the final release. If you have any issues running ZOO make sure you use the latest ZOO version 1.0.2. To update an older release take a look at the update instructions on our documentation page.

Win a ZOO Pro Edition for free!

To celebrate the ZOO release we give away 10 Pro Editions of the ZOO!

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