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Happy new year! We hope you all had great holidays with an even greater start in 2017. To sweeten up your new year, we are glad to release our newest website Joline today. It fits perfectly for all personal blog realizations. With its balanced blog formats and the added personal pages Joline is the ideal base to start your own fashion, food or lifestyle blogging platform.

Joline Style

Joline comes with its own style and a timeless design, which gives sites a smart and clean look. Lines as its central design element and a really classy font define and complete this minimal website. The Joline style is available for all previous and future YOOtheme Pro website releases.


To give you everything you need for your blog, the website offers six pre-built page layouts, a customizable category view and a beautiful look when you display the blog on the frontpage.

The layouts include a Spots page that points out different places on a map and leads to a case study. This is great to present stores or other locations. The Style page features a complex gallery layout, also with a case study. The About page comes with a more typography based layout and the Sponsors page presents partners in a line grid. All these are rounded up with the blog based Home and Lifestyle pages.

What's next?

This website once more follows a clean and minimalist design approach. But please, be patient as more styles are to follow, which will contain textures and a generally richer design. These styles will be available for Fuse, Horizon, Max, Joline as well as upcoming releases.

To help you write custom content and modify the style, we are going to release the UIkit 3 documentation by the end of the week (fingers crossed)! It took a while, but we are really excited about this, because it is a huge step forward. You will see.

Needless to say, Joline uses the latest features and full power of YOOtheme Pro. The upcoming YOOtheme Pro 1.3 is scheduled for next week with some great additions. So stay tuned. In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • New Joline style
  • 6 page layouts
  • Personal, Blogger topic
  • Built with YOOtheme Pro

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Comments (25)

  • stametis


    | Profile |
    Some of Yootheme's recent developments are really exciting. I can't wait until Yootheme Pro meets Pagekit with UIkit 3 I think it will be one of the best products out there. Do you have any updates as to how development is progressing and how long we should expect to wait for deployment-ready versions of this game-changing release?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Thank you :-) YOOtheme Pro will be the next big thing for Pagekit. Unfortunately, there is still so much stuff to do for YOOtheme Pro, that you can expect a Pagekit version not before summer.
  • e.manuel


    | Profile |
    Im sorry to say that, but after months of waiting for improvements like a slideshow (really, that component must be the absolute priority, and the megamenu as well), I'm now quite disappointed. Its really sad, because I really love yootheme pro, the clean and efficient code of yoo products and frameworks and so on, but yoothemes general idea of a theme/template club with subscription services does not work anymore, or at least the current way.
    Really guys, you can not offer monthly/yearly subscriptions and promise your customers that you release new and different themes/styles and then release only one, more or less "static" and minimal, style with some little color variations... That can not be your companys claim...

    I understand, that your product is kind of an invention. I also understand, that this invention and a new frontend framework version of the great uikit takes time. but what about your customers? especially those customers, that spend actual money to get a working environment, but won't get it in within their subscription period. those customers just get a - at best - beta or rc version, they won't profit by features you add in the near future... if their subscription has gone, they got to pay. again.
    and just because you please your customers to be patient, this does not make it any better.

    well, actually from a present-day perspective I can wait some more months, but nevertheless, in order to statisfy your current and future customers, you should think of some things:
    -does it make sense to create a new subscription or buying service?
    -is the support system really acceptable?
    -could the corporate communication be improved?

    i would really appreciate it, if you found a customer friendly solution for the current situation. thank you.
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Thanks for you feedback! As you know, we are rethinking and reworking everything. It started with YOOtheme Pro and UIkit 3. Every setting, every feature is revised and improved. This just takes time.

      We are working on the technology behind the style variations. For example, styles will work in all past and future releases (And not just for one theme like before). You can expect beautiful and design-rich styles for each YOOtheme Pro website (also the ones we already released) soon.

      Same goes for the slideshow. You will not just get the old slideshow from UIkit 2. It will be completely rewritten and improved...

      It needs a little time to build a completely new ecosystem. Getting Warp 7 and Widgetkit 2 to its current state, took a lot longer.

      If something critical is missing in YOOtheme Pro, just one of our Warp 7 themes...
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Just a reminder for everyone else: This blog post is about our Joline release. It's not a general discussion about YOOtheme Pro. Please head over to our support center for that.
    • zesa


      | Profile |
      I absolutely agree ... have been a customer for a long time but now - for the first time - am thinking about leaving Yootheme. Great idea "Pro", ok, but how abut those customers who just only want new themes ... ?
    • jamie.kaushal


      | Profile |
      Oh man...I just bought a subscription with these guys for the first time and now looking through the past few 'themes' I see that there isn't much creativity happening with truly unique and groundbreaking templates. Its the same thing with minor mods again and again. If this continues thats unfortunate as Im locked in for a year at this point...i hope they use my money well to make some changes fast :P
  • robbert


    | Profile |
    Looks great as always! Clean styling of UIkit, nice page designs as well. Great fit for fashion-y websites.

    Like @stametis, I can't wait for the Pagekit version of PRO and the full UIkit 3 release. Keep it up, guys!
  • bigjens


    | Profile |
    I'm sorry but I'm not impressed. This looks like the theme from last month or the month before. They're all the same to me and I can't even tell if it's the theme Decembre or January!? I have this feeling since 2015: The only thing that changes is the name, everything else looks pretty much the same.

    I hear the announcements that big things are on their way but this makes me think even more that I'm Yootheme's guinea pig and that they're developing their new business model with my money instead of selling me nice quality themes.

    In addition, the development of our Joomla component, based on Widgetkit, was stuck, because Yootheme Pro doesn't work with Widgetkit 2. It's pretty difficult to understand decisions like this from a customer point of view. Sorry

    So coming back to this Month's theme, whatever it's name was: It looks familiar.

    CU J.
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Thanks for your feedback! I understand your point of view. Here is a short note you should bear in mind too.

      All YOOtheme Pro releases are based on the same "super theme". Instead of getting one monolithic theme release (like with Warp 7) which never got any updates or new features, there is YOOtheme Pro which is completely modular. This allows us to deliver new styles, new theme options, new layout pages and new demo content every month. Every feature we are working on (and there are some really cool ones) will be available for YOOtheme Pro. This is the big difference compared to the old Warp 7 based themes.

      With the Joline release you get exactly the following: 1 new beautiful style, 6 perfectly arranged page layouts, thought-out with regards to content and a demo installation packages for personal and blogger websites.

      But that's not all you get this month. There is also the YOOtheme Pro 1.3 release next week which will add some great new feature.

      Sure, the new style this month is again light, clean and minimal one, but as it is written in the blog post, there are styles with richer designs in the making.

      You should really think about the big picture in some months, when all features are available for YOOtheme Pro...
      • swissa


        | Profile |
        Some observations of this theme...and Pro.

        -- "With the Joline release you get exactly the following: 1 new beautiful style, 6 perfectly arranged page layouts, thought-out with regards to content and a demo installation packages for personal and blogger websites."

        As opposed to 6 styles that we got with the old templates and can apply them to any page in any Warp 7. So, rightly or wrongly, people feel cheated. And let's be honest with Page Builder you can build these layouts in less than a day. It's the styles people want. The design flair.

        -- "But that's not all you get this month. There is also the YOOtheme Pro 1.3 release next week which will add some great new feature."

        What new feature? It comes in black? Widgetkit will work within builder? You've added some new positions? The lack of information is another area where people feel, not cheated, but seriously uninformed and therefore uncertain. You guys really could communicate more and on a more regular basis whilst you build all this out and add functionality. At the moment people feel that they are paying to be kept in the dark and no-one likes to be treated as a mushroom.

        -- "You should really think about the big picture in some months, when all features are available for YOOtheme Pro..."

        Why? What's coming then? You want us to trust you having paid for a subscription yet you seem unwilling to trust us in return by letting us know WHY we are waiting. If you're worried about delivering then simply promise less and over deliver.

        -- "To help you write custom content and modify the style, we are going to release the UIkit 3 documentation by the end of the week (fingers crossed)! It took a while, but we are really excited about this, because it is a huge step forward. You will see."

        Let's hope so. The waiting is frustrating. I hope that you also ensure that the Pro docs really help in things like Child Themes etc - the forum is awash with questions that could be answered by good documentation. As is, with so many questions on the site, it creates a feeling of panic / lack of knowledge / lack of interest in customers.

        I'm always been impressed by yootheme but at the moment even I'm considering using other suppliers and frameworks. I don't build many stand-alone sites, most of my work is in e-commerce so I need to be able to assign styles to individual pages (shop categories). There is no paperwork on how to achieve this still - a core part of Warp 7. I can't be the only one who would like to know how to do this properly directly by the developers not by me trying to be smart and second guess. I don't want to have to copy off 10 templates and assign them that way which is what I'm doing at the moment - unless that is the recommended way. I'm personally not fussed with positions etc - you have enough there. Builder doesn't work with dynamic content so not using it at the moment on some sites. But the lack of styling properly does matter.

        Please can we go into 2017 with you sharing more with us - your customers. Keep us informed, even if that means for the next few months a weekly blog post, so that we keep faith in you. We build sites so that OUR customers can inform and interact their customers! Yootheme should be doing the same during the period of change.

        Thanks for reading. For me this theme won't be going to a customer although I can see that for some users, particularly wordpress users where perhaps the skill set seems not to be so high, it could be great.
  • bigjens


    | Profile |
    And BTW:
    The preview picture of the theme in your demo is missing :-/
  • getyoowoo


    | Profile |
    Again more of the same and still no documentation of Uikit 3...
  • paulgreene


    | Profile |
    Happy New Year! hope you aim for a business template next. Cheers.
  • chris.gilroy


    | Profile |
    It's a little simple, a little boring. I like that YooGuys have always mixed it up pretty consistantly, dating all the way back to the firefly and enterprise days. I'd like to see something artistically impressive and detailed to counter the super flat, super basic WordPress styles of late. I'm also DESPERATE for parallax and other finished UIKit3 features...ASAP please, please, please. Finally, Zoo is overdue. The Builder is good for confident clients and admins, but we have a serious need for Front-End simple submission. Telling potential clients I can have non tech-savvy entry level employees create content from the front-end has been a key selling point for many years.
  • bkdesign


    | Profile |
    Seriously folks... I don't know what all the negativity is all about with Yootheme Pro. I. AM. LOVING. IT. And with UIKIT 3 being released and the new updates, I'm stoked.

    I have used Yootheme for years Warp was flexible but to hammer out website quickly was... well... not quickly. Now I can concentrate on the design and not so much on the coding. But I can focus on the coding if I need to.

    I'm just truly liking what i'm seeing.

    Some things to work on: more elements, support needs to be more robust but other than that... good work Yootheme!
  • klaus.haag


    | Profile |
    These Layout like the Layouts before with other colors and pictures.
    Its not like the rules of my subscription every month a new layout. You must change subscription and the prices. And Yootheme ist now not Yootheme like before. Sad!
  • arthur.rosa


    | Profile |
    Yesterday i tried Yootheme Pro for the first time! I LOVE it! It's easy, beautiful and well designed.
    There's a plenty of room for improvements, but i'm sure that the will do it.
    Thank you Yootheme.
  • orsat.munitic


    | Profile |
    My Joomla theme subscription expires in 18 days, you wrote "You should really think about the big picture in some months, when all features are available for YOOtheme Pro..."

    I am sure that the final product will be amazing, why not give active subscribers 1 month free subscription for both Joomla and Wordpress themes so that we can help testing them properly ?
    • bigjens


      | Profile |
      I'm going to quote Sascha here:

      You should really think about the big picture in some months, when all features are available for YOOtheme Pro...
    • schmallegger


      | Profile |
      i think.. we all should overthink yootheme. You can't just launch a product that's not ready and ask your long-term paying customers to understand that they don't get anything right now.
      Sure, there might be something great coming.
      Sure, I can use Warp7 themes over and over.
      But currently, I rather stay away from yootheme since they dance on too many parties without being the star at any of them.
      Sure I will follow and rethink my opinion if I can see any usable progress.
  • yootheme.user


    | Profile |
    Yootheme Pro is to Yootheme what Windows 10 is to Microsoft
    • carl.gerhard.wieners


      | Profile |
      The best thing they ever did ?
  • markprintergto


    | Profile |
    Final got round to playing with pro
    Although not complete When you get to grips it is also a theme builder as well as a content builder with some many
    options not only to create content but style the theme of your site this is more of a complete website building tool
    than just a Template theme
  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    Hi YooGuys,

    You might see from my username, I am a long time user of your products and a developer of add-ons for ZOO.

    I've been a customer for a long time and over the past 12 - 18 months I have moved away from using templates and turned more towards bespoke
    template layouts.

    However, I always relied on Warp for some projects - usually the master theme with my own stamp.

    I must admit that I was sceptical about Yootheme Pro - although not as vocal as some here. I have found some of the negativity about Pro a little over-board.

    Like most times - some people are afraid of change, and lets be honest, Yootheme Pro is a massive sea change for theming.

    So recently I got stuck in to using Pro for the first time - properly. I had only found time to dabble after its initial release.

    I have just built my first homepage with Pro and I must say my opinions on it are really changing. It is a joy to use! :)

    Many congratulations! It's marvellous!


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