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JoomlaDay Germany 2017

We'll give two talks and are silver sponsor!

JoomlaDay Germany 2017

This year JoomlaDay Germany will take place in Königstein near Frankfurt. On September 22 Joomla fans are going to gather for this community event and enjoy two days of talks from great speakers. YOOtheme will be there not only as a silver sponsor but also to deliver two presentations!


YOOtheme will be contributing two talks to the interesting and diverse program. On Friday we will present our flagship, the website builder YOOtheme Pro and go into detail on some of its latest features. The second talk will present UIkit 3 beta and the evolution it has undergone, explaining the differences from its predecessor. Both talks will be held in German.

After our presentations we will answer questions and stay around for a chat. So, join us in Königstein. We are looking forward to seeing lots of you in a couple of weeks!

By Franziska |

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  • jooag


    | Profile |
    It's great to see you again!
  • kurt.dorne


    | Profile |
    You should record your session and post it online afterwards.
  • jj.spelman


    | Profile |
    Will you have a video or transcript in English?
    • akcreation


      | Profile |
      I gave up asking this years ago - for some reason they only ever seem to do these presentations in German and never provide English subtitles (which would be of great use to the community and probably save a lot of support requets) :(

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