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Florence Website for YOOtheme Pro

The last theme in 2017 is all about looking fabulous! Our new demo Florence is a beauty business theme and a perfect reminder to spruce up before Christmas. Florence also incorporates all the great features YOOtheme Pro released this year including our already popular Slideshow element.

Florence Style

This month’s theme combines all the design trends of 2017! Modern typography together with a minimalistic and classical style perfectly underline the concept of beauty. Interactive elements such as the new button styling, smooth animations together with the modified heading-line style for the heading make it a perfect choice for hair stylists, beauty salons and other related businesses. Apart from that, Florence also integrates the Newsletter, the Popover and the Gallery elements with a subtle parallax effect to present the services in all their glory.


Style Variations

Florence comes with 6 different styles. To warm us up in winter, Florence uses pleasant sunny styles, which range from minimal and pastel to rich and juicy colors with a lined pattern for the sections.

Slideshow Element

Of course we could not miss the chance to add our impressive Slideshow element to this December theme. Both thumbnail navigation and a slight parallax effect give it a modern and high-class look.

Heading-line Style

Another interesting feature in Florence is the new styling for the heading line option for Headline and Panel elements, which makes your heading stand out even more!

Florence Heading-Line

Button Style

We also spiced up the button styles. Now there is a subtle animation, which activates on hover.

Layouts & Topic

Florence offers 7 different layouts. It has all you need for a beauty or hair salon including two Lookbooks, Services and a Contact page.

Free quality stock photos

Our new theme comes with 70 lovingly curated and free-to-use images. The gallery below shows you a few examples of what to expect in this month‘s package:

70 lovingly curated and free-to-use images

YOOtheme Pro 1.10.5

The theme comes with a release of YOOtheme Pro 1.10.5 which has a few minor improvements. First of all, there is something many people have been waiting for. YOOtheme Pro now fully supports the multisite feature in WordPress! You can use YOOtheme Pro for all websites in your network and change the style of each site individually. YOOtheme Pro will create one CSS file for each of the sites. The same goes for Joomla styles. You can now create multiple template styles and assign them to menu items, so you can have a different style on each page. This is really great if you want one page layout to stand out from the whole website.

YOOtheme Pro 1.10.5 has other minor changes like the reset filter button for the Style and Layout Library and a new error page which corresponds to the overall look of the website. For other improvements and fixes see the Changelog.

What’s Next?

After Christmas we will come back in January with new energy and even more ideas! We are currently working on a lot of good stuff for YOOtheme Pro, which will be available early next year. We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let us know what your wishes are for YOOtheme in 2018.

Check out all the details that Florence has for you and feel free to give us your feedback in the comments below.

  • Beautiful Florence style
  • 7 page layouts
  • Great for hair stylists and beauty websites
  • Beauty and Business topic
  • 70 lovingly curated and free-to-use images
  • All these features are available in YOOtheme Pro

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo Try Florence Layouts

By Danny and Ozair | | Posted in Themes

Comments (21)

  • roberto.coria.2


    | Profile |
    Multisite ready.. great!

    now next the form element an then im happy :)
  • moloseb


    | Profile |
    Good News,great job, nice template!
    Yootheme definitevely deserves a great next year and a round of applause for 2017!
    Let's hope for a a ZOOperb year 2018... (bad word pun, i know...)
    • hanna


      | Profile |
      Thanks a lot, Moloseb. It's great to hear such nice words!
      BTW, I very much enjoyed your pun :)
      • moloseb


        | Profile |
        You are welcome. First not so enthousiast about yootheme pro, but with few more tweeks, it should be good. just to show what is possible: www.emil-antony.lu
        • ali.magomadov


          | Profile |
          Great job, nice template! I liked your site very much, I saw a professional ))
        • greenparrot


          | Profile |
          nice work :)
        • hanna


          | Profile |
          That looks very nice! Great job!
  • francesco.visinoni


    | Profile |
    You are the TOP!
  • ali.magomadov


    | Profile |
    Good job, nice template!
  • projektoliver


    | Profile |
    Error Page, wow, after years it comes true. But where can I find it?
  • viktor.horst.17


    | Profile |
    My wish for 2018 is something you already promised for the last quarter of 2017, ZOO 4 (with good integretion with Yootheme Pro).
  • thomas.lucas


    | Profile |
    I don't understand... the saving button is the one of the most basic functionnality and it's not working half of the time in the builder... I don't understand that there is not more people angry about that since the problem is there from the begining... When you work for 1h on a page then the save button don't show up and that you have to redo everything... It's just so frustrating, and can't feel anything but angry about the product even though there are some cool features here!
    Thanks to do somthing about this!
  • ali.magomadov


    | Profile |
    You can add version for the visually impaired. It's especially useful for Russian audience and not only. For example every government website in Russia must have such version (GOST Р 52872-2012).
  • carsten


    | Profile |
    Nice, but more important for many of us would be fixed bugs and working basics.
    In my case it would something like
    * a working search function or a plugin that allows to use smart search modules
    * the ability to give attributes to images (e.g. title) and links (e.g. title, rel, target) not only for SEO

    I think many of us would prefer to have the basics and could accept to leave out a new template.

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