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CHANGELOG: Warp v6.4.9 (Updated May 2016)

What's New with the Warp 6 Framework!? Below is an updated changelog for the current version (I'll try and keep this updated so you don't have to find the readme file every time). Click the Star to the left to add this to your favorites for next time!

Looking For The Warp 7 Framework Changelog? CLICK HERE


  • Fixed WP_Widget deprecated constructor call (WP)


  • Fixed bootstrap.less (J3)


  • Fixed theme icons (J3)


  • Fixed comments (WP)
  • Fixed two factor authentication (J3)
  • Added composer
  • Updated languages


  • Fixed multiple images as data uri
  • Fixed Post Page-Links (WP)
  • Added two factor authentication (J3)


  • Fixed calling get_header + get_footer actions (WP)
  • Fixed template settings (J32)


  • Updated jQuery to 1.10.2 (J)
  • Fixed Chosen selects in theme settings (J3.1.4)


  • Updated jQuery to 1.10.0 (J)
  • Added body_class() filter call (WP)
  • Fixed Bootstrap responsive image issue with IE10


  • Added debounced resize listener
  • Added tag overrides (J31)
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 3.1.0 (J31)
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.10 (J25)


  • Added better widget support for WPML (WP)
  • Added native bootstrap support for Joomla 3.0 (J3)


  • Updated jQuery to 1.9.1 (J)
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.9 (J25)
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 3.0.3 (J3)
  • Fixed default newsfeed layout (J3)
  • Fixed error page (J3)
  • Fixed default article override to be PHP strict


  • Fixed default widget classes (WP)
  • Fixed blog url (WP)


  • Updated jQuery to 1.9.0 (J)
  • Updated HTML5 Shiv to 3.6.2


  • Fixed floatmetrics check for chrome >= version 24
  • Fixed has_cap deprecated message in debug mode (WP)
  • Fixed style settings in widget options (WP)


  • Updated jQuery to 1.8.3 (J)
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.8 (J25)
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 3.0.2 (J3)
  • Changed responsive behavior of CSS class width33
  • Fixed search results layout (WP)


  • Added Joomla 3.0 support
  • Updated jQuery to 1.8.2 (J)
  • Updated JSmin asset filter
  • Fixed Viewport for IE10 Snap Mode


  • Removed double CSS class attribute in com_contact (J25)
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.7 (J25)


  • Updated jQuery to 1.8.1 (J)
  • Removed IE10 input clear icon in searchbox (::-ms-clear)


  • Fixed $.matchWidth function for browsers with element float metrics
  • Updated jQuery to 1.8.0 (J)
  • Featured image is shown above title


  • Fixed $.matchWidth function for Chrome 20+
  • Fixed logo position for RTL in deprecated mobile theme
  • Hide comments button if comments are disabled (WP)
  • Removed hardcoded uploadpath for menu icons (WP)


  • Added responsiveness for dropdown menu columns
  • Added page navigation (J25)
  • Added margin between buttons
  • Added more language files
  • Added better word wrap for small screens (Webkit)
  • Set width layout classes box-sizing to border-box
  • Optimized responsiveness for 3 and 5 modules in a row
  • Optimized responsiveness for grid-gutter
  • Support for official CSS gradient syntax


  • Fixed dropdown menu js bug
  • Fixed responsive menu bug with multiple columns


  • Added iOS orientation change zoom bugfix
  • Fixed strange space character in layout.css
  • Fixed responsive search for older Webkit on Android
  • Improved responsive menu with hierarchy indentation


  • Added responsive CSS
  • Added responsive menu, search, logo
  • Added responsive helper function $.onMediaQuery
  • Added new $.matchHeight() for responsive module layouts
  • Added new $.matchWidth() for responsive module layouts
  • Flips Drop-Down menu if out of window
  • Added CSS helper classes to hide content
  • Assign profiles to custom post types (WP)
  • Improved base style sheet
  • Renamed and added buttons CSS
  • Updated CSS grid gutter
  • Changed default menu height
  • Set wrapper box-sizing to border-box
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.5 (J25)
  • Fixed miscalculated dropdown menu width on load with custom fonts (Opera)
  • Deprecated: Mobile theme and switcher
  • Deprecated: CSS3Pie
  • Deprecated: ie.css and ie7.css
  • Deprecated: .button-more and .mobile-switcher CSS classes
  • Deprecated: $.fn.matchHeight() and $.fn.matchWidth() use newly added $.matchHeight() and $.matchWidth() instead


  • Fixed theme options layout and menu item saving in Wordpress 3.4 (WP)


  • Fixed wrong closing tag in com_contact override
  • Added system helper isBlog method now recognizes the ZOO blog application (J)
  • Changed search to use a CSS class instead of a id


  • Updated jQuery to 1.7.2 (J)
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.4 (J25)
  • Fixed theme settings and multisite mode (WP)


  • Updated jQuery to 1.7.2 (J)
  • Added mod_finder override (J25)
  • Added com_finder override (J25)
  • Always force latest IE rendering engine (even in intranet) & Chrome Frame
  • Fixed apply theme settings jumping (J25)
  • Fixed system output on search results (J25)
  • Fixed force SSL (WP)


  • Fixed com_contact, com_weblinks, com_newsfeed, com_content overrides (J25)
  • Fixed "dot" issue in meta text in com_content overrides (J)
  • Fixed tracking code saving (WP)


  • Fixed mbstring extension check
  • Updated HTML5 Shiv to 3.4
  • Update HTML5 display defaults in base.css


  • Added CSS for pagebreak navigation (J)
  • Added old Webkit gradients to mobile theme for Android support
  • Fixed facebook social button conflict with facebook connect
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 2.5.1 (J25)


  • Added Joomla 2.5 support
  • Changed tag cloud CSS


  • Fixed com_contact overrides (J17)
  • Fixed com_weblinks overrides (J17)
  • Fixed com_newsfeed overrides (J17)
  • Fixed Facebook social button popup
  • Fixed invalid markup on config site
  • Fixed ajax search, showing articles marked as draft (WP)


  • Added facebook to the social buttons
  • Fixed article ordering (J)
  • Fixed absolute position CSS
  • Fixed bug in com_contact override (J17)


  • Fixed form background colors in menus administration (WP)
  • Changed system directory names from Joomla.1.7 > Joomla and WordPress.3.0 > WordPress


  • Fixed bug in contact form (J17)


  • Added system check
  • Added social buttons support in articles
  • Added auto detecting of styles and module layouts
  • Show Warp version number in theme administration
  • Output of custom module class suffixes (J)
  • Added overrides for com_newsfeed, com_weblinks and com_contact (J17)
  • Added support for post-thumbnails (WP)
  • Updated Apple touch icon
  • Updated jQuery to 1.7.1 (J)


  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 1.7.3 (J17)


  • Updated jQuery to 1.7 (J)
  • Fixed Min-Height in Drop Down Menu
  • Added header.php and footer.php for plugin compatiblity (WP)


  • Fixed aligncenter CSS (WP)


  • Fixed return url in 404 error page (J)
  • Fixed set item id param in search module override (J)
  • Updated PIE to 1.0 BETA5
  • Changed button + input base CSS
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 1.7.1 (J17)


  • Updated jQuery to 1.6.4 (J)
  • Changed CSS/JS inclusion for Joomla cache compatiblity (J)
  • Changed menu item class to use it's unique id instead of position number


  • Fixed widget footer id issue (WP)
  • Updated jQuery to 1.6.3 (J)
  • Updated clearfix to use micro clearfix
  • Updated print style sheet to prevent images from getting cut off


  • Fixed empty ajax search (WP)
  • Fixed mobile login (J17)
  • Fixed RTL on iPad
  • Added clearing to deepest module element
  • Comments, tag cloud and author box styles are now available in Joomla
  • Renamed author box CSS class
  • Renamed comments list CSS class


  • Added Joomla 1.7 support
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 1.7.0 (J17)
  • Fixed mobile theme switcher (WP)
  • Fixed no scrips/stylesheets assets error


  • Changed module title CSS class to .module-title


  • Updated html5 shiv to IEPP 2.1
  • Changed readmore button CSS class (J)
  • Added line-icon CSS class to specific lists
  • Changed list line style
  • Updated jQuery to 1.6.2 (J)
  • Added detection of android tablet devices in the useragent helper
  • Added auto matchHeight on level2 uls in dropdownmenu
  • Removed "Comments off" message (WP)
  • Fixed generated meta data to be html5 compatible
  • Fixed mobile menu position alias
  • Fixed margin of system messages (J)
  • Fixed images-off menu parameter (J)
  • Fixed icons/subtitle issue in sidebar menu
  • Fixed flicker/z-index issue on mobile devices when using CSS animations
  • Fixed post date formatting (WP)
  • Fixed IE7 Clearfix CSS
  • Fixed RTL drop caps CSS for IE
  • Updated overrides according to Joomla 1.6.4 (J16)


  • Moved module badge in default module templates
  • Updated jQuery to 1.6.1 (J)
  • Fixed error on loading a unknown menu renderer
  • Added site_url config option


  • Added CSS class namespace for fluid images
  • Changed attribute selectors to remove margin in system items
  • Fixed apply shortcodes in ajax search (WP)
  • Fixed home menu selection with index.php (WP)
  • Fixed ajax search with sef turned on (J)


  • Added login to offline page (J)
  • Updated module layouts
  • Fixed DOM helper prev/next issue
  • Fixed system specific RTL CSS
  • Fixed IE asset caching
  • Changed date in com_content override (J16)
  • Fixed login description in com_users override (J16)
  • Fixed even/odd style in com_content override (J16)
  • Fixed login style in mod_login override (J16)
  • Fixed login module (J16)
  • Fixed translation of TPL_WARP_POSTED_IN (J16)
  • Added override for mod_custom (J16)


  • Initial Release

YOOTHEME! Please update the download page (idea below) to have a link to either this changelog post or an official one per theme!

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