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Avatar mrjon asked

Yootheme Pro Mega Menu

Please tell me I'm missing something here and it's not just been left out of YooTheme Pro.

A real Mega Menu with the ability to include images in drop downs, varying columns widths within the same drop-down, the ability to choose where column breaks are ( as noted in your priority list here http://yootheme.com/support/question/92327 ) etc.

Any help/confirmation greatly appreciated.

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6 Answers


Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

Hi, imagine having the page builder working for mega menus :-) Not everything could make it into our first release, but it is on our todo list ;-)


Avatar mrjon answered

Do you think it would it be sensible for Yootheme to release a Road Map of targeted release dates for individual items such as menus, elements, module additions, uikit3 release, etc., etc. so users of the yoothemepro know when a required functionality for their project(s) are likely to be available so that we can manage our own businesses and projects in the timely manner they should be?


Avatar mrjon answered

Hi @sascha . It's been 6 months since your answer which was a nice teaser but I've seen no further development. Is it possible to provide an expected release date? This is a must for me (and many others) and with my subscription ending soon I may need to look elsewhere. Thanks.



Avatar ericmuc answered

Yes, I am missing mega menu also very much, hope, this will be a part of one of the next releases

an: thanks for Yootheme Pro and the great job


Avatar macpalm answered

That's also a yes please from me for ability to create true mega menu layouts. One year on from Sasha's post and some info on when this will be available would be great.

Many thanks


Avatar kieran.hardy answered

Even just some logical workflow suggestions on how we can get by without it and still achieve mega menu looks without using the builder- would be super awesome.
Would it be possible to describe how to implement a hard coded mega menu? For instance, How could I inject contents of a flat file into the current menu system? Using a separate flat file for each mega menu that would be sufficient and allow us to use mega menu's until the builder supports this functionality.

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