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CHANGELOG: YooTheme Pro v1.2.14 (Updated January 22, 2016)

What's New with YooTheme Pro!? Below is an updated changelog for the current version (I'll try and keep this updated so you don't have to find the readme file every time). Click the Star to the left to add this to your favorites for next time!


  • Update UIkit to 3.0.0 beta5
  • Fix viewport height issue
  • Fix IE + Edge compatibility


  • Fix Jetpack compatibility (WordPress)


  • Add inherit to typo options in style customizer
  • Add font-style option to meta text in style customizer
  • Fix IE + Edge compatibility


  • Fix builder sorting
  • Fix UIkit icon image path
  • Fix preview module positions (Joomla)


  • Add pagination option to toggle Start/End links (Joomla)
  • Update leaflet to 1.0.2
  • Update dropdown nav in max style
  • Update default code, pre and blockquote style
  • Change global border-radius behaviour in all themes
  • Change default value for zooming/dragging option in maps element
  • Adapt customizer style to latest WordPress version (WordPress)
  • Fix card component hover transition
  • Fix image paths for divider and list icons in fuse and horizon style
  • Fix WooCommerce gallery thumbnailview for WooCommerce 2.7+ (WordPress)


  • Add box-shadow option to image element
  • Add x-small padding to section options
  • Optimized CSS selectors for inverse mode
  • Renamed UIkit internal image variables
  • Update pagination output
  • Fix form border for inverse mode
  • Fix link style for inverse mode
  • Fix blockquote footer color for inverse mode
  • Fix badge focus style
  • Fix categories count in article view (WordPress)


  • Renamed styles to website name
  • Fix style parsing
  • Fix navbar decorative line in Safari
  • Fix module/widget list style on sections


  • Fix asset cache breaker (Joomla)
  • Fix inline style/script order (WordPress)


  • Update Module/Widget builder element select
  • Fix double initialization (WordPress)


  • Add list options for modules/widgets
  • Fix builder sorting
  • Fix navbar behaviour
  • Fix resizing of images with non-alphanumeric characters
  • Fix map element with hidden markers
  • Fix render menu widgets (WordPress)
  • Fix labels in navbar item edit (WordPress)
  • Fix child-theme module overrides (Joomla)


  • Updated "Read more" translation
  • Customizer route redirects to login for guests (Joomla)
  • Fix z-index issue for map elements
  • Fix Module/Widget builder element settings
  • Fix builder refresh issue (WordPress)
  • Fix code syntax highlighting
  • Fix compatibility with Advanced Module Manager extension (Joomla)


  • Fix edit template style (Joomla)


  • Add button text style mode
  • Add border option to dropdowns and subnav pill
  • Add typo options to blockquote footer
  • Add more text alignment options for modules/widgets
  • Add option to hide category title on archive view (WordPress)
  • Add border bottom option to headerbar top
  • Minor UIkit theme modifications
  • Fix category multi-column order (Joomla)
  • Fix dropdowns in customizer mode (WordPress)


  • Fix WordPress 4.7 incompatibility issue
  • Fix featured article parameters (Joomla)
  • Fix title on edit modules and menu items modal (Joomla)
  • Fix check for api key (Joomla)


  • Launch Page Builder from article edit (Joomla)
  • Add front-end editing if page builder is active (Joomla)
  • Add layout options for blog and posts
  • Add title options for modules/widgets
  • Add headline style line to elements
  • Add preserve color option for primary and secondary sections
  • Add x-large padding to section options
  • Add dashboard quickicon for website builder (Joomla)
  • Refactored system pages and modules/widgets
  • Split element component into divider, heading and link component
  • Primary and secondary sections now adapt the text color automatically
  • Mark menu-item as active if current page is a sub-page of the menu-item (WordPress)
  • Page Builder button opens builder directly (WordPress)
  • Fix sidebar wrapping if grid gutter is none
  • Fix element settings if previously saved empty
  • Fix WooCommerce styling
  • Fix missing alt attribute for intro images (Joomla)
  • Fix widget selection in builder (Wordpress)
  • Fix codemirror overflow in front-end editing (Joomla)
  • Fix module blank style
  • Resetting style variables shows save button


  • Set form radio background to transparent in material uikit style
  • Fix icon ratio and color in list element
  • Navbar item options (WordPress)
  • Map element (WordPress)
  • Scroll behaviour on page refresh


  • Add max width option for grids in the builder
  • Add option to open links in new window for all list elements
  • Add smooth scrolling to links with URL fragments for all elements
  • Add sidebar.php layout file (required by WooCommerce)
  • Add icon alignment option to button element
  • Add icon option to list element
  • Add link muted as style option to button element
  • Make builder element templates overridable in child-theme (/builder/{element}/template.php)


  • Clear cache button added
  • Pass through video url parameters (video element)
  • Saving a layout won't show the builder's save button
  • Show default social icon if service is unknown
  • Menu widgets (WordPress)
  • Element sorting in builder


  • Fix theme updater (Wordpress)


  • Fix builder on empty article (Joomla)


  • "New" button for menu items and modules (Joomla)
  • Update Google Fonts list
  • Optimize drag style for builder elements
  • Optimize changelog style
  • Fix element animations delay
  • Fix image element svg width/height
  • Fix duplicating social icons bug (WordPress)
  • Fix builder output with Joomla cache enabled
  • Fix custom class on module/widget element
  • Fix child themes (WordPress)


  • Add WordPress support
  • Add grid element to builder
  • Apply content plugins/shortcodes to Builder output
  • Fix builder element default values
  • Fix click behaviour on item links in navbar
  • Fix builder row layout edit
  • Fix iconnav test


  • Fix regression with Google fonts


  • Add fixed width option for grids
  • Add decorative line for navbar items
  • Add divider small style
  • Add border mode top, left and right to style components
  • Add box-shadow option to form and offcanvas
  • Add more style options to blockquote and card badge
  • Improved variables ordering in style customizer
  • Improved preview loading
  • Customizer "cancel" no longer resets builder changes
  • Make heading bullet work with text align
  • Fix initial missing Google font variant and language settings
  • Fix section default values
  • Fix "Export variables" button disabled state
  • Scrollspy animation classes are no longer applied to the row
  • Joomla Module element respects its module's settings


  • Add large option to section width
  • Add xl alignment breakpoint for text align in elements
  • Fix administration style
  • Fix error on closing panel with editor, before value is set
  • Fix always respect blog columns setting, preventing full-width articles
  • Fix populate image alt attribute with filename if no alt text is set
  • Always respect the blog columns setting, preventing full-width articles at the end
  • HTML tags will no longer be stripped from footer elements


  • Significant speed improvement for style customizer
  • Catch error with builder element
  • Fix cancel button behaviour


  • Add box shadow options to style components
  • Add 100% width option in module template settings
  • Move image/video options for sections into their own panel
  • Optimized box-shadow picker
  • Optimized preview loading
  • Fix default values in builder elements
  • Fix variable names in style customizer
  • Center social icons in header modal
  • Fix builder toolbar (Safari 10)
  • Fix page class output
  • Fix .row-striped styling (bootstrap)
  • Fix css minification


  • Wrap custom js code in try/catch block
  • Optimize variable groups in style
  • Rename search border radius variable
  • Update UIkit components after css injection in style preview panel
  • Fix style group ordering
  • Fix media manager in debug mode (Joomla)
  • Fix text color option if navbar is transparent
  • Fix UIkit tests if boxed page layout is set


  • Add border and typo options to style components
  • Add border mode to style components
  • Add background and border options to slidenav and totop style component
  • Allow for css/custom.css in child theme
  • Allow to add style via child themes
  • Minify theme CSS
  • Load minified UIkit
  • LESS updates accordion to UIkit
  • Optimize UIkit tests
  • Optimize variable groups in style
  • Rename subnav, tab and breadcrumb item variables
  • Prevent background repeat for section images
  • Fix card media border-radius
  • Expand main section to fill the viewport if needed
  • Set default style to minimal
  • Load bootstrap framework
  • Builder row layout select (Safari 10)
  • Template module positions preview (tp=1)
  • Fix bootstrap input resets
  • Fix Codemirror style


  • Fixed image indicator if color field is none
  • Fixed minor UI issues


  • Fixed style font picker
  • Fixed child theme select
  • Fixed builder being active on offline login
  • Fixed modules/menu items stay checked out after edit
  • Fixed temporarily preview scrollbars in Firefox
  • Fixed preview box-shadow


  • Fixed modules rendering bug
  • Fixed offline mode in preview


  • Fixed Joomla URI handling


  • Initial Release

YOOTHEME! Please update the download page (idea below) to have a link to either this changelog post or an official one per theme!

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • YOOtheme Pro


17 Answers


Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

Thanks, that's great! You can also find the changelog, if you launch the website builder, click on Settings -> About -> Changelog :-)


Avatar selfmed answered

Is there really no one in 2 months who can investigate the blank changelog bug?



Avatar softforge answered

About 8 years ago I got fed up with all the individual (pre widget kit being a host of things) yootools maybe or maybe not changing as well as the templates.
The changelog was always only in the tool or template, so without downloading them all you could not tell.
I asked if a changelog of all could be done to help developers know what should and should not be updated as the only way was to every month download the lot and waste a lot of time (and bandwidth) checking every one out.

So I started doing a monthly post of all the changelogs so all the other developers would not have wasted time..
After about 5 months and lots of people asking the same it finally appeared.Most sites have a page with their changelog and its not in a support area so people can see if they need to renew their licence or if that promised feature has finally been added and its worth repaying and updating.
It was later dropped but at least we had the update feature in joomla.

Such a feeling of deja vu and I need to now check again to see if yootheme pro has got to the stage we can actually use it ie clients edit without having to be an administrator!! Like actually using the ACL and a registered user being able to post an article unpublished and an editor editing it.

Thanks for doing this joshgilson

Hopefully one day as they make the changes yootheme will do a publicly accessible (not subscription only) changelog, only 8 years and lots of people asking.


Avatar softforge answered

impactdesign,its a volunteer who is maintaining this changelog not YOOTHEME so if its blank...you can always download, work it out and post it rather than keep saying its blank


Avatar adi.heutschi answered

I have 3 Sites with Yootheme Pro. (1.0.7)

With none it shows me the changelog

Printscreen see: printscreen...



Avatar vogdux answered

How to upgrade to the latest version?
Now 1.0.7


Avatar ryan.jones answered

1.1.4 (NOVEMBER 15, 2016)

ADDED Clear cache button
ADDED Pass through video url parameters (video element)
CHANGED Saving a layout won't show the builder's save button
CHANGED Show default social icon if service is unknown
FIXED Menu widgets (WordPress)
FIXED Element sorting in builder


Avatar kunjan answered

"Last item appears first" does not work with Breakpoint selected


Avatar nedzad.gruhonjic answered

hello i cant update to the new yootheme pro version. i tried several times but it only shows "There are no updates available at the moment. Please check again later."

im using 1.16 but would like to update to 1.2.0



Avatar nedzad.gruhonjic answered

hello i cant update to the new yootheme pro version. i tried several times but it only shows "There are no updates available at the moment. Please check again later."

im using 1.16 but would like to update to 1.2.0



Avatar danny.malouin answered

Any hint as to when we're going to be able to see fully translatable layouts for the header, top & footer ? These are important!

Also, any news about seting up fixed modules positions such as top-a, top-b, content-top, sidebar.

I cross my fingers each time i see a changelog but these are still unattended so I figured i'd ask this time.


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