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Widgetkit features like animation do not work with yootheme pro


I experience that if I enable features like "animation media" or "animation content" the content won't show up. On the page http://srv.zahndsolutions.ch/adventureyourlife.ch/index.php/gesundheit those features are activated and on http://srv.zahndsolutions.ch/adventureyourlife.ch/index.php/persoenliche-entwicklung not. I see no errors in the js console.

Did somebody experience the same or similar problems?

Thank you and kind regards, Stefan

Update: Sorry I forgot to mention which version I'm using: Joomla 3.6.5, Widgetkit 2.9.1, Yootheme Pro 1.2.4

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  • YOOtheme Pro


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Avatar jorge.tello.aliaga answered


I am having the same problems.
For example, if I select Grid Stack and I animate the media (slide or fade) the image never appears. If I remove the animation, the image appears.

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, since the Horizon demo does show the Grid Stack animations working.

I am using Wordpress 4.7 with Horizon (1.2.4) and Widgetkit 2.9.1.




Avatar christal.rusnell answered

Same here. Seems to have something to do with scroll-spy not removing the hidden visibility class.

Wordpress 4.7. Widgetkit 2.9.2. YooTheme Pro 1.2.4.



Avatar stefan.zahnd answered

Thank you for all your replies. Seems not to be an individual case... Maybe someone from support has also something to say...?

By the way the problem still exists with the latest versions of Widgetkit (2.9.2) and yootheme pro (1.2.9) on Joomla! (3.6.5).

Best regards, Stefan


Avatar jorge.tello.aliaga answered

Yes, the problem is still present in the new updates to Widgetkit, Yootheme Pro, and Wordpress.

Help from support would be appreciated.


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