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Avatar thomas.p Support asked

[Tutorial] Add an offline image to YOOtheme Pro

If you are using the YOOtheme Pro template and want to add an offline image to your Joomla offline page, follow these steps.





  • go to System->Global Configuration and click the Select button next to Offline Image to select an offline image from your media manager


  • go to Extensions->Templates->Templates and click on Yootheme Details and Files OR access your site via FTP and navigate to /templates/yootheme/


  • click on the file offline.php on the left to edit this file


at line 29-35 you will see this statement checking for the offline message

        <?php if ($app->getCfg('display_offline_message', 1) == 1 && str_replace(' ', '', $app->getCfg('offline_message')) != '') : ?>

            <p><?= $app->getCfg('offline_message') ?></p>

        <?php elseif ($app->getCfg('display_offline_message', 1) == 2) : ?>

            <p><?= JText::_('JOFFLINE_MESSAGE') ?></p>

        <?php endif ?>  

directly after that add this statement

        <?php if (@getimagesize($app->getCfg('offline_image'))) : ?>

            <img src="<?= $app->getCfg('offline_image') ?>" alt="">  

        <?php endif ?>


  • save & close the file

Please note: This change won't work with .svg files. It can be made update-safe by creating a Child Theme and placing the offline.php into the root folder of the Child Theme.

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7 Answers


Avatar futuron answered

Maybe I did something wrong but as far as I can tell, the override in the Child Theme does not work (in latest YooTheme Pro version - 1.10.8), which is both strange and a pity since the index.php override does work.
Hope you can fix that.


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Hi futuron,

thanks for pointing that out. I have forwarded this issue to the developers.

Kind regards


Avatar astrid.van.eerd answered

Why not add this to default template? Would be nice if a Joomla template would include all basic Joomla options.


Avatar no64 Online answered

same here ... override in ChildTheme does not work...

anyway.. I think, it should be possible to style the offline and error page with the PageBuilder.

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