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Avatar getyoowoo asked

YOOtheme Pro style selection with WordPress child themes

I was so glad believing YOOtheme Pro supported WordPress multi site environments (with the use of child themes), but now I am affraid I was wrong... or is this a bug?

Within the customizer I can create custom theme options and builder layouts for every specific child theme. So far so good.

But there is 1 setting that DOES effect all other child themes: THE STYLE SELECTOR (where you can choose Fuse, Horizon, Max, see video)

When I make a change there, the change will have effect on all other child theme's as well.

This can't be right... right?

And I believe in the early YOOtheme Pro days there also was a style available called MINIMAL and MATERIAL. Where have they been?

EDIT 1: Even if I have created a custom child theme syle (child-theme-folder/less/theme.child-theme.less) and selected this one within the customizer and SAVED this still will be overwritten when I change a style in the style selector of an other child theme customizer. When I go back to the other child theme customizer I still see the right CUSTOM STYLE selected but the style itself is overwritten. This can't be right.



When can we expect an answer on this? I believe this is serious.

After updating to Yootheme Pro 1.4.3 the problem persists...

Can't believe this serious error remains so long.

3 months this question (read: BUG) is active... Unbelievable.

UPDATE 14-APR-2017: With the most amazement I can confirm that even with YooTheme Pro 1.5.2 this BUG remains. Sorry, but after 106 days of the beginning of this post I can't stay that optimistic anymore.

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11 Answers


Avatar josh.terrell answered

A more detailed tutorial on how to properly setup a child theme on Wordpress for YOOtheme Pro would be much appreciated. For example, if you just do the minimum as outlined in the Pro documentation, the changes you make in the customizer for the Child theme styles are saved where? As far as I can tell you still get only what is set for the parent theme for that particular style.



Avatar ferpilla answered

No news about this??
I have the same problem and I think is something very important to delay the fix.

@nikishna did you only duplicated the yootheme folder? I've tried that and still not working for me. I need this to work although being a temporary way. thanks.



Avatar ericb answered

This is all I'm waiting for to buy the developer license.



Avatar ferpilla answered

Someone has been able to test version 1.5? Is solved this error?

I'm still waiting too...


Avatar josh.terrell answered

I was able to get child theme styling changes to render on the front end but only after saving within the settings option of the customizer. The changes were always visible in the customizer but did not render on the front end. When I saved style changes from anywhere else, they did not render on the front end. I don't know if this is in any way related to your problem, but was something I just noticed when I had issues with changes to button styling.


Avatar debora.teresa.gattuso answered

Me too, I have two child websites in my wordpress installation and if I try to use, for example, Fuse theme on one, it's impossible to use Fjord to the other... is this normal?


Avatar nikishna answered

I COMPLETELY Agree with this thread. I am trying to migrate all of my Warp 7 sites over to my new Yootheme Pro multisite, yet when I change the style for one site, it changes it for all other sites in the network. The only way around this that I have found so far, is to DUPLICATE the Yootheme folder in the themes folder and just rename the duplicated folders to match each child site. Then when I select that theme, the styles can be different for each site. This is a work around, yet defeats the whole purpose of cascading theme updates and needlessly duplicates ALL of the Yootheme files, instead of just having lightweight child themes that only store the unique sub site variables.


Avatar dwightbuck answered

This is frustrating now. The issue persists and it doesn't look like it will be ever rectified.


Avatar paulmcrobb answered

Surely somebody at Yootheme must be addressing this issue? Its basic functionality to have a them in Wordpress supporting child themes that can be designed independently of the parent theme?

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