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default WYSIWYG editor in Yootheme PRO


Can you give some more information about the implementation of the Joomla default WYSIWYG editor in Yootheme PRO.
I see the question in a lot of posts on this forum but no timeline answer.

Yootheme PRO seems to be a very good pagebuilder therefor an editor is an must.
I know it is on the wishlist but can you give a more specific answer about this

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Avatar spemarx answered

I second this. I cannot go live with this product without a proper WYSIWYG editor. My users need to be able to edit content, and they have no interest in learning HTML.


Avatar jeffery.betts answered

I really need this for my clients as well. I prefer to write HTML, but my clients need a way to edit the content themselves using a WYSIWYG editor, or be able to modify the Article/Page content using the Wordpress/Joomla interface.


Avatar zeger.van.woerdekom Online answered

Hi, I see this issue in a lot of posts but nobody of the Yootheme staff give answers about WYSIWYG questions


Avatar niall.sheehan answered

YOOTheme staff are a bunch of arrogant asshats that think they know better than their client. I had to renew one membership, will not be renewing others. Time for a new thread on what out there is better than this bullshit. Don't like my language Yootheme? Answer the Fn question and my tone will change. Treat your customers with respect and you may earn some respect.

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