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Avatar alex.carvalho asked

Video does not work on mobile.

I am using the video with the widgetkit and as background of the section and both do not work on the mobile. I did some research and found some answers from you. I'm not convinced that a video can not work on the iPhone? Would he have no choice? Are there any weight limits (MB)?

Thank you!!

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3 Answers


Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

You should study the forum rules: "Minus Icon: Vote an answer only down, if you think it is nonsense or or completely irrelevant." Don't know why people using the voting system to express there frustration.



Avatar philipp Yootheme answered

@michael is right, this is just not supported by mobile phones to reduce the mobile internet used. If you want to force a auto load of a video for all users you will have to look for a custom solution.

Kind Regards

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