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Avatar stefan.zahnd asked

Uikit menu icon in yootheme pro


How can I add icons to menu items in yootheme pro like this was possible in Warp 7?

Thank you and kind regards, Stefan

  • UIkit
  • YOOtheme Pro

4 Answers


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Hi Stefan,

you can't do it like in Warp 7 anymore, but you can use the default Joomla option for this:


Select an image at Menus: Edit Item > Link Type > Link Image.

Kind regards


Avatar stefan.zahnd answered

Hi Thomas

Thank you. That's a pity. Do you plan to implement this feature in yootheme pro?

Kind regards, Stefan


Avatar rolf.fey.57 answered

Hi, I cannot find that folder "symbols" in my latest "Fjord" template. The folder "icons" does have the ".svg" Icons, but I cannot use them on the menu, because this file type is not supported. Hence I cannot add the UIKIT icons any more to the menu..... very disappointing.
Best regards


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

I don't think YOOtheme does as the native Joomla option seems sufficient. If you want to use the UIkit icons: They are located in \templates\yootheme\vendor\assets\uikit\src\images\symbols - simply copy them to your image path.

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