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YOOtheme Pro style selection with WordPress multisite


I have a very similiar issue with YOOtheme Pro as described in the post "YOOtheme Pro style selection with WordPress child themes", except I'm not using a child theme, but WordPress' multisite feature.

I created several blogs and some of the are using YOOtheme Pro, e.g.:

Unfortunately they share the general style selection made in Appearance -> Cutomize -> Style. All custom variables or custom styles are applied as expected, but changing one blogs style will be displayed in the other one as well.

If not even solvable by using a child theme, I'm a little frustrated, since I will not be able to use this combination of WordPress and the amazing theme you made.

Any solution to be expect soon?


UPDATE: There has been no response from the support to this. Please vote vor this issue if you want it to be noticed.

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Avatar alexander.girod answered

Hi Paul,

unfortunately not. No answer, no progress at all.

Please vote for this issue in order to get some more attention. And let's hope the support ist reacting soon (or at all).



Avatar paulmcrobb answered

Hi Alex

Has there been any progress with this matter?

I have just bought a years subscription for Yootheme themes where I actually only require to use Yootheme Pro with a child theme and in a multi-site environment. I am porting multiple sites to this environment but if this problem still exists then this framework is of no use to me?


Avatar paulmcrobb answered

Thanks Alex, I have voted it up and will also email in response. I am in the process of having to find a new framework to host all my websites with and they are all multi site based. Without this functionality Yootheme pro will unfortunately be useless for me and I will have to revert to my second choice ....Blox (http://bloxtheme.com/)

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