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Avatar r.smith asked

[Feature Request] Please don't default to "Replace existing content" when applying a Layout from the Library

Yootheme Pro 1.3.12 (at the time of asking this question)
Wordpress 4.7.2

Please don't default to "Replace existing content" when applying a Layout from the Library
(In other words, please don't have that option Checked by default.)

Reasons, for your consideration:
1) I've erased an entire page several times because of this.
2) Surprisingly (even to me) one time I "committed" an erased page before I realized what I had done, loosing much work!
3) It seems to me that "Replacing existing content" is a far rarer activity than simply adding a saved Layout.
4) Having a default behavior that easily wipes content out, particularly when it could be a lot of content, would very rarely be considered user-friendly.

Thank you.

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7 Answers


Avatar erik Yootheme answered

Hi everyone,

We appreciate you sharing your feedback on YOOtheme Pro and yes, we already realized this is a problem and a better solution for this will be added as soon as possible.



Avatar dezz answered

I totally agree.
Why is this box checked by default?


Avatar ben.allan answered

I just came here to make the exact same post! great feature, but I'm forever cancelling and having to place content again because I forgot to uncheck the box!

Thanks guys!


Avatar kjl99 answered

I just said good-bye to 8 hours of work due to this. Yes - user error, but not having this defaulted would be a great UX improvement. And/ or the ability to undo, or go back to an earlier revision.


Avatar alexander.girod answered

Vote this question (the ver first one of course), if you like to see this implemented. +1


Avatar jose.a.suarez answered

Someone have an answer to this already? this question have five months no one from YooTheme answering here... PLEASE HELP, yes I am screaming for help please...

I am using Joomla 3.7.4 and YTP 1.9.1


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