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Avatar dwightbuck asked

Accordian/dropdown items on mobile menu

When viewing a website on a mobile device, submenu items are visible by default when viewing the menu. Is it possible to have the menu in an accordion format where you have to click an arrow to view sub items? If not, I think it's a feature that should be considered to maintain the beauty and experience of your themes.

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3 Answers


Avatar philipp Yootheme answered

yes currently there is no option which makes this available. Since this is helpful for website with large menus I will add this to the feature list of YOOtheme Pro. Thanks for reporting.

Kind Regards


Avatar jan Yootheme answered

There does not seem to be an easy solution for this. We've opted to only render the Accordion menu if there aren't any "parent links" present in the menu. This will be released with the next update.


Avatar stefano.ulivieri answered

this feature is very usefull, when do you think it will be available?

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