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8 Answers


Avatar kayhan Support answered

Thanks for heads up. And just to clarify, 3.6.5 is ok, right?


Avatar brian.peat answered

Yeah, 3.6.5 is fine. I'm going to test a clean copy of 3.7 beta 3 today just to double check this.

UPDATE: I just installed Widgetkit 2.9.2 it into a stock version of 3.7 and it has the issue, so there's something in 3.7 that breaks the folder browsing in Widgetkit's media windows. I hope Yootheme can test it and fix the issue before 3.7 drops or there will be a lot of posts about it I suspect.



Avatar uab.webcomm answered

While you're looking into this issue, please consider a setting that would disable the thumbnail preview. We've installed WK on a site that has hundreds of files in the /images directory and browsing this way hangs the UI. Perhaps a thumbnail/detail list view option?

Sorry to hijack this thread with a feature request, but it looks like you'll be having to do some work in this area for Joomla 3.7 anyway...


Avatar kyle.hosick answered

I just updated a site, and issue persists... and yes, please include a 'view details' option not just 'view icons'


Avatar christian.krogmann answered

Joomla and Widgetkit latest version installed but the error is still there. Any solution available?


Avatar geirfjellberg answered

Same error here.
Widgetkit 2 Package 2.9.1
Joomla! 3.7.4

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