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Avatar kayhan Support answered

Thanks for heads up. And just to clarify, 3.6.5 is ok, right?


Avatar brian.peat answered

Yeah, 3.6.5 is fine. I'm going to test a clean copy of 3.7 beta 3 today just to double check this.

UPDATE: I just installed Widgetkit 2.9.2 it into a stock version of 3.7 and it has the issue, so there's something in 3.7 that breaks the folder browsing in Widgetkit's media windows. I hope Yootheme can test it and fix the issue before 3.7 drops or there will be a lot of posts about it I suspect.



Avatar uab.webcomm answered

While you're looking into this issue, please consider a setting that would disable the thumbnail preview. We've installed WK on a site that has hundreds of files in the /images directory and browsing this way hangs the UI. Perhaps a thumbnail/detail list view option?

Sorry to hijack this thread with a feature request, but it looks like you'll be having to do some work in this area for Joomla 3.7 anyway...

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