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Avatar wirecreative asked

Mega Menu Workaround

I've been going back and forth with a client about whether or not to use Yootheme Pro or a system with better support for a megamenu. I've discovered a workaround that I wanted to post here.

I already use RegularLabs "Modules Anywhere" plugin on the site, and I discovered that, using it, I can insert multiple modules into the sub-navigation dropdown of the menu in the navbar position.

Create your module that you want to use (I used Custom HTML modules, one of which was loading a gallery widget with some text above and below it; you may need "Prepare Content" turned on if your Custom HTML module is loading dynamic content).

Then, in your menu manager, create a new menu item with the type Menu Heading and use the Modules Anywhere token for the title of the menu item, like: {module Name of Module}

Save your new menu item as a child item of one of your top-level menu items and then refresh your page to see the change.

The flexibility and layout options are still limited compared to a true megamenu, and it may not support all module types, but we now have images and other HTML content in our multi-column YoothemePro dropdown menu.

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4 Answers


Avatar diana.roald.60 answered

Thanks for sharing. Do you have a link to a site where you have implemented this?


Avatar mrjon answered

A site link would be great to see a working example. Hope Yootheme get onto the megamenu soon...


Avatar eyespacedigital answered

Great, would really like to see an example too if you can..

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