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[Official] YOOtheme Pro 1.4 Discussion

We just released YOOtheme Pro 1.4 with some great new features:

  • New overlay element
  • New gallery element
  • New switcher element
  • Reworked accordion element
  • New row column settings and tile component
  • 25 site and 11 admin localizations
  • RTL support
  • and much more ...

Here is the blog post to learn more about it.

This thread is dedicated to discuss the new features and report any issues regarding this update.

Confirmed Issues

  • New elements are missing => Fixed in 1.4.1
  • Missing "Pro Layouts" button in library => Fixed in 1.4.1
  • Viewport height background video dimensions lost => Fixed in 1.4.2
  • Missing admin translations => Fixed in 1.4.2

Not 1.4 related

@john.baskerville.20 Yes, frontend editing works with YOOtheme Pro

@maza WYSIWYG is in the works. See roadmap

@i3web Please copy your answer in a new thread. We are happy to fix the bugs you mentioned and to discuss your valuable feedback.

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Avatar artur Yootheme answered

[Closed] All YOOtheme 1.4 specific issues are solved.


Avatar impactdesign answered

I don't understand what is the point of a ”gallery” without a lightbox?


Avatar getyoowoo answered

Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox Lightbox



Avatar i3web answered

And as usual full of bugs and irritating overrides!! It is becoming non-viable financially for us to use Yootheme to build websites! I've been patient for nearly 10 years!

Here are a few examples:

New version 1.4 released but when I try and change the style and save, it crashes. No solution yet from support forum I suppose because Yootheme take the weekend off while the rest of us have to work catching up on all the lost time trying to build websites with their templates!

Another one, why would you replace the Joomla method of using a top menu module with your navbar system such that it overrides all the functionality of the Joomla menu module?? - took me a while to work that one out. You have to set the Yootheme top menu to not having a position and then put the Joomla menu module in to the navbar position and hooray! you can then set the parameters of the menu again, like levels to show on drop downs etc. Settings that you can't even change with the Yootheme version but that have always been the most basic Joomla functionality. Why fix something if it's not broken - or worse still why break something that works?

AND simple pagination, meta text in category blog layouts - BASIC - SIMPLE but not with Yootheme. Right now I have my site settings configured so that article date appears above the article with author etc. Pagination I am showing Sart/End Page numbers and forward back all working beautifully... in the Joomla Beez template. BUT, as soon as I default Yootheme Pro everything goes out the window, meta text goes to the bottom of the article - not yet found out if there is a new Yootheme setting to get it back to the top - pagination is mostly gone and I now have to make selection from limited options by going to Layout/Post and Layout/Blog all just to try and get a poor version of what I already have!

So why a website builder that seems to ignore dynamically generated content? Why? If we wanted to build websites of static pages we could all jump in to our time machines, crank up the Acid House music and go back to the 90's.

I hope you are getting my point... why re-invent the wheel? Yootheme seems to have lost direction trying to make some sort of idiot-proof website builder the like of which is already available from hundreds of cloud offerings like Wix, 1&1, GoDaddy, Shopify, the list goes on. We're web developers and we're using Joomla one of the best and longest running CMS's available in the world. Why destroy it? Why make it harder to use?

And style settings? I don't understand what it is easier about having to plough through hundreds of bizarrely name parameter trying to find out what changes what? It's not exactly intuitive, the names barely even resemble the template classes. This is no quicker that using a browser to inspect elements, find the appropriate classes and then use an override to customize. Show me something that lets you click on a page element and it comes up with exactly where you can edit all the attributes, then you'd be in business!

We need a system that enhances the CMS it sits on. Great if we can use a website builder to more easily assign content to positions and easily reconfigure these positions across devices, helpful. But not helpful if we save time doing that and then spend three times what we saved trying to get basic core functionality to work again after your system got in the way.

Here is a quote Sacha from one your own answers in the forum:

"To change the meta text (date) position using the Position of Article Info option in Joomla. Just set it to above or below.
At the moment we are using Joomla options for both. We may change it later and add our own settings to Layout -> Post in YOOtheme Pro"

NO! Don't change it, we like it where it is or we wouldn't be using Joomla, leave it alone, enhance, make it easier don't end up producing an inferior version.

And one last thing, give me my weekend back please.




Avatar michael.anlauf answered

I can confirm, no new elements. Also the update deletes the video dimensions when used as background.
The dimension where in the fields and i had a fullscreen video. After the update the video appears as shown in the link.
Also viewport height has no effect anymore on the video.



Avatar yoosh answered

Hi there,
it gets more and more confusing with so many versions of the betas of yoothemePRO.
As for example: many questions here can't be assigned to the specific version anymore. In this way it gets harder to use the support forum.
I still do believe in yootheme, but maybe there will be once in a while something fresh for the folks earning money with warp7 ? Just asking for a soft transition. I feel like thrown into cold water with so many versions and updates and hope and spent/sacrificed time to be up-to-date with PRO - it is way too confusing and time eating.
and as my part to help:
That's still buggy in firefox

With all respect
Have a day


Avatar denis.johansen answered

None of the new elements have been added to elements with the 1.4.0 update from my side.

Only row column settings seems to be working.



Avatar bogdan.sarpe answered

I do not see new elements (Wordpress)

Layout library is bugged ( don't see button PRO LAYOUTS in Library)



Avatar carl.gerhard.wieners answered

It would be nice to have gallery take its pics from joomla articles and foremost from folders like in widgetkit. Nobody wants to build a gallery with 20 pics all one by one i guess. Also being able to page a gallery after x pics would be nice.

Also is there an ETA for a slideshow element ? :-)



Avatar kayhan Support answered


1.4.0 (March 16, 2017)


  • Add overlay element to builder
  • Add gallery element to builder
  • Add switcher element to builder
  • Add more fields and options to accordion element
  • Add row column settings in builder
  • Add tile component to style customizer
  • Add 25 site and 11 admin localizations
  • Add support for RTL languages
  • Add inverse text color option for items to gallery element


  • Update outdated CSS when opening customizer


  • Fix menu style setting in widget element (WordPress)
  • Fix "Preview all UI elements" disable on style change
  • Fix rendering of additional menus in navbar with layout Stacked Center Split
  • Fix loop youtube videos
  • Fix PageBuilder button in IE 11

Avatar stefan.zahnd answered

Same here :) No new elements on Joomla 3.6.5



Avatar spemarx answered

Is the YooTheme Pro interface throwing up an error for anyone else when using Chrome? Firefox seems fine...


Avatar ali.magomadov answered

Языковые пакеты отдельно устанавливать надо? Или их потом добавят в Yootheme Pro,
В папке
packages\tpl_template\vendor\yootheme\theme нет папки languages

Do you need to install language packs separately? Or they will then be added to Yootheme Pro.
"packages\tpl_template\vendor\yootheme\theme" No folders languages


Avatar thomas.p Support answered


image option is no longer available in the builder for the background

If you are referring to the image style of a section: Since v1.3.9 it is possible to add a background image to all section styles (default, primary, secondary, muted) which wasn't possible in earlier versions.


Avatar aleksey.kurylev answered

How to activate your language in YOOtheme Pro? I have a WP RU default, YOOtheme Pro displays English.


Avatar e.manuel answered

I can't see any new element as well...


Avatar stefan.zahnd answered

Is it possible to disable the overlay in the gallery? Cannot find the option...


Avatar thomas.azentrix answered

Issue in 1.4.1

I.e. the Switcher-element seems to convert the static page into a dynamic generated one and prevents the Page Builder from starting.

Killing the Switcher-element from the page or opening the page via the Content > Articles menu of Joomla Core and starting the Page Builder from this point the Builder behaves like default and will be displayed on the left side of the browser window.



Avatar kimberley answered

menus do not display in the navbar position

image option is no longer available in the builder for the background


Avatar maza answered

Beauty, thank you, I love Yootheme. Good work!
When you're done WYSIWYG element, it will be perfect. ...It will be implemented? When? Please :)


Avatar michael.anlauf answered

@impactdesign use a modal until Lightbox is integrated in UIkit or use a Widgetkit gallery.


Avatar juan.calderon.100 answered


Switcher component have issues right now.

In a test with 3 tabs,

At start when I click in the second tab nothing occurs,

On click in the third tab all content from three tabs is showed in sequence ???

Could you please help me to check that and resolve?

I was waiting for this functionality in order to not use Widgetkit,



Sorry in all of my further tests the component appear working well...



Avatar artur Yootheme answered

@juan.calderon.100 can you please provide an url where the issue occurs as I can't confirm the issue.

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