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Tutorial Joomla Multilinguale footer without duplicating theme.

You can setup a multi language site in YOOtheme Pro without duplicating the theme. Everything is easy to setup the normal Joomla way, except the footer, because there is no Footer position in YOOtheme Pro. The question was ask several times here and i found now a simple solution.

  1. Create a modul or several for each language which contains your content for the footer as you would do in a normal Joomla (classic YOOtheme theme) multi language site. Each module you give for each language the same custom position. You do this by just writing the position in the position field like my-position. Only in case you use more then one module for each language / footer you have to use different position names for each element / section but same for each language.

  2. Activate the load module plugin in Joomla

  3. Create in the Builder / Layout / Footer your sections and now load your modules by adding

    {loadposition my-position}

in a textelement. Both languages / modules should have the same position and language should set for each module!
Example how it works you can see here on my test site.
All footer modules menu assignment can set to all pages! Except you wanted different content for different pages for the same language.

Regards, Michael tucfoto
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You're welcome kayhan. The solution is actually so simple that it took me a wile to figure it out. You know, not seeing the tree in the forest.

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