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Avatar kristjan.cubranic asked

Why does Yootheme Pro reverse changes I already saved and were working? It keeps happening all the time.

I'll give you an example.. I change the menu font size, make them bigger.. I save it.. everything works fine. Until I decide to change something else.. it might be anything, it happens randomly.. for example I change the fonts colors of the page.. and what happens then? The menu font size automatically reverses back to as it was originally.

And this is just one example.. this keeps happening to me all the time. I change one setting in the page builder, save it, it works.. but then when I change something else, the previous changes reverse back to the default setting.. it happens with font size changes, font color changes, padding changes, other color settings.. the same pattern all the time, change one thing, but when you change something else, the previous changes go back to default.

And this happens both on my local server (Xampp) and the actual server, I tried both just in case the local server might be the problem, but it's not.. so it's obviously Yootheme Pro. But I can't find anyone else with these issues so I don't get it.

I'm sick and tired of wasting time changing the same settings 10x times in one day and still getting nowhere.

If anyone can offer me a solution, that would be great, otherwise I'm going back to the old Warp themes. They might not have the flexibility of the Yootheme Pro but at least you can build a site without going crazy. I wasted 10 hour on this yesterday, and that was just one day. I'm done doing that.

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6 Answers


Avatar kristjan.cubranic answered

Nope.. doesn't help.. still the same problem.

In fact, on one of the sites I'm working on I just updated Yootheme Pro to the latest version and half of the changes I made a while ago got reversed, just by updating.. didn't do anything else.

I'm done with Yootheme Pro for now.. this is a joke, you can't use it for serious stuff. I'll be hoping they fix all the problems in the future because it has great potential, but right now it's useless for anything serious. All of us who are using it are basically just testers, hopefully something good comes out of it soon.

In the meantime I'm going back to good old Warp themes.


Avatar kjl99 answered

This keeps happening to me too. Anyone have any suggestions?


Avatar andras.mihaly.nagy answered

Before you change the second time, press CTRL+F5 in Yootheme Pro, before you make changes. It has something to do with a cache, that the old version is still in the browser and the second time you overwrite it with the cache. I had this problem too.


Avatar kristjan.cubranic answered

No changes for me with the new version. Still the same issue. Anything I change and save works until I change something else.. then it reverses all the previous changes.

For example, I changed the logo background color and navbar background and navbar font color.. saved it.. it worked. Then I changed something else and then the logo background color, navbar background and navbar font color reversed back to what it was before I made any changes.

So as far as I'm concerned YooTheme Pro is still useless.. I can't work like this, It's driving me nuts.. so I'm sticking with the old themes and still hoping you fix all the issues at one point in the future, possibly before my subscription expires because otherwise I'm not sure I'll renew it.


Avatar kristjan.cubranic answered

I can't, it's on a local server only. But I've tested it on a "live" server too and it didn't work so I deleted it.. I'm no longer using YooTheme Pro. I simply don't have the time, will and desire to deal with all the issues it has. If it's not something then it's something else, and it just goes on and on.


Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


We've just released YOOtheme Pro 1.5.7, please update to this version. It should solve issues with caching enabled in the builder.
If you still experience this issue please report back.

Please add login information for your website to the hidden information field. We can then investigate this issue.



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