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Avatar pascal.tourneur asked

Modal and Scrollbar


When i click on the Modal (tv-icon top-right), the modal works but the scrollbar disappears into the background behind the Navbar... What can i do? see the Link

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3 Answers


Avatar michael.maass Support Online answered

There are a several cases HTML syntax errors in your content.

There is no such thing as a closing </img> tag as used in

    <img src="https://###.website/###/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/logo.svg" width="120">  
!   </img>

This problem shows at least twice and can result in any kind of unexpected behaviour.

A span element lacks its closing </span> tag here:

    <a class="uk-position-right uk-hidden@m" uk-toggle="target: #offcanvas-slide">  
        <span uk-navbar-toggle-icon>  

There are further errors, like the second img element in this p which lacks all its attributes:

        <img src="https://###.website/###/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/oki_neu-01.svg" alt="OKI" width="190">  
!       <img>  

(the same error is repeated later on ...)

Please thoroughly revise and correct your HTML markup to rule it out as a cause for problems.

Thank you



Avatar pascal.tourneur answered

Thank you. I hav closed the img see the image... (Image) but i can?t see this on firebug...
The span is now closed. I still have the Problem. :-(


Avatar michael.maass Support Online answered

I hav closed the img see the image... (

I did not ask you to close the img, but to remove the stray closing tags.

[...] but i can?t see this on firebug...

Mind that Firebug will not show you the actual source, but the source in its rendered/interpreted state — the result of what was delivered. Any consequences of wrong markup will be in effect. Invalid parts will either be cut out or re-assigned. A reliable way to see the original source in the fronted would be to right-click the mouse and have the browser show you the HTML source.

But in your case the wrong syntax can clearly be seen in the backend as well. An HTML img element does not have a closing tag, it is not "paired" but just 1 tag.
Your HTML markup is syntactically wrong and prone to break the structure.


Delete the string </img> wherever you used it. It is wrong. In the source of your "Home" page I can see 2 occurrences:


A single case of wrong syntax can easily break a page.

Where you don't feel on safe ground regarding HTML syntax, please ask your site's webmaster for assistance.

Thank you


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