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Avatar dannyb12345 asked

YOOtheme Pro Library

When you are using YOOtheme Pro Builder and click Library, you get the options for My Layouts and Pro Elements. If you select something it replaces everything on the page because the default for Replace Existing Content is checked.

Could you please give me the option to change the default to unchecked? That would be really great.

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2 Answers


Avatar jose.a.suarez answered

Sorry, this do not work, no checkbox is showing, so I follow this no luck, my articles still being replaced for the dummy content, I did try this in FireFox and Chrome, both the same.
This is VERY frustrating.
Please help how can I do use this themes without loosing all my contents?


Avatar philipp Yootheme answered

I am sorry for the late response,
we thought that this is the best way since such a layout is always for a full page, so replacing the existing content would be the standard way to go.
None the less if you want to change this for you can edit the following file: (Note this is not update save, there is no option to make this change update save ) /templates/yootheme/vendor/yootheme/theme/modules/builder/app/builder.min.js
search for replace: !0 and remove the ! so that it says _ replace: 0_
After reloading your page it should be turned of by default .

Kind Regards

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