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Avatar firefighter asked

May we have a cookieless map widget (or is it already)?

As with many EU countries, my country requires me to inform my website visitors about profiling cookies, disable those cookies unless they give explicit consent and let them enable or disable the cookies one by one.
Unlike many other countries, my country also counts third party cookies.
This means that, if my site uses GoogleMaps cookies, I need to add a warning banner and toggles to my site, and also to file a somewhat costy report to the statal privacy authority. A real hassle.

Does widgetkit already prevent googlemaps cookies from being used?

I have read in this article from years ago that it is possible to "load the Google Maps API v3 via a cookieless domain". Yet if I look at the DOM of the widget, it looks like it uses http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?... instead of http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?...

I have tried changing google to googleapis in the DOM of a page and it seems like it works properly

Is there any reason why your widget uses the not-cookieless domain that would discourage you from making this change? Will you change it, solving a possible issue to a lot of unknowing sitebuilders? It would surely be great for me!

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