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Avatar no64 asked

UIkit - Slider or Slideset with 7 items

Is there a way to set a UIkit Slider or Slideset to 7 Items?
I know there is no 7 in the uk-width classes, so tried to add a custom CSS

.uk-grid-width-large-1-7 {

but that doesn't work.

Why aren't there uk-width classes 7, 8 and 9 anyway?

  • Widgetkit
  • UIkit


1 Answer


Avatar philipp Yootheme answered

I am sorry for the late response,
we thought that these numbers wouldn't be used so much and since this is a "simple" width adjustment this could easily be added by the ones needing it.
Another reason is the percentage you see in your code above, this often causes pixel miscalculation errors within the browsers, so that there a 1px wide white stripe visible.

After adding the class above how did you add it into the widget?
Because this should work that way.

Kind Regards

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