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Avatar sven.grossenbacher asked

Load more function


I wanted to ask if we have a Load More function in Uikit3

Meaning that if we for example load a page then 6 items are shown in the grid and when we click load more button than another 6 items show below a.s.o - could be used in galleries or in my case in a portfolio.

I imagine it to be a JS option for the data attribute but I am not sure if it exists?



Thanks Michael but no that'is not what I meant. The Toggle only shows 1 hidden div and not as many as I want.

I need to be able to show 6 or 4 or X items in the grid - when clicking the Load More Button 6 or 4 or X more items show and when I click again another 6 items show a.s.o

Here a code sample

I added it to the Yootheme Pro wishlist as suggested by Kayhan.
If you think that this is an interesting feature please vote for it (search for Load More Function) here
Thanks all

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Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

Well.. was just an idea. I would add a other button in each section which opens the next part.


Avatar kayhan Support answered

Great, I voted too. So as of now we got 8 votes :-)

I voted this topic too, just in case.

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