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Avatar reclaimer114 asked

Yootheme CSV Import Blank Entries

Hi there,
My client is using the yoo CSV export and modifying and adding entries using the CSV. On importing it again, except for the name of the item none of the fields are imported.

I'm not using anything funky except the zoolanders media element (which isn't required to export/import anyways). All just text fields and selects. All the fields match up. No changes to the elements. The client is quite keen for this to be working since they don't want to manually submit each item copy and pasting from the spreadsheet.

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2 Answers


Avatar thomas.p Support answered

Hi reclaimer114,

I could not reproduce this issue. Does your client use an UTF-8 capable editor to edit the CSV and save the file ÛTF-8 encoded? E.g. if you use Microsoft Excel, it may encode the data differently and on import you can't select the elements.


Using a text editor that encodes the data in UTF-8 it looks fine to me


Kind regards


Avatar reclaimer114 answered

Hey! That's great. Much better results.

We used excel yeah and with UTF-8 we got much better results thank you! but line breaks and certain symbols added "¥ᅧ" and similar to the fields. Is there another spreadsheet editor that wouldn't introduce those characters?



The problem was on our end! Never mind thanks for the help!


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