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Avatar dchoate211 asked

Save Page Button Works 50% of the Time

With the YooTheme Pro Builder in Wordpress, you never know if your page is going to save, or simply lose all the progress that you just made.

Word to the wise, save every 10-15 minutes, exit the builder, and re-enter to ensure you aren't wasting an hour of time due to a faulty button.

There's two possibilities:

1) It occasionally does not save, but you cannot leave the page as there will be a pop-up telling you your progress has not been saved. At worst you can save to layout and re-load the layout when you exit the builder.

2) It occasionally does not save, but it says it did, and you lose all progress.

This has happened to me twice in the past hour and numerous times today and yesterday. Its been a problem ever since I got on board with YooTheme Pro, but now its really starting to irritate me.

Surely a fix will be coming in your next release?

Edit: Again, just worked on a page for an hour, this time I can't even save the page to layout, its not saving at all. I'm dumbfounded as to what to do from here. If it cannot save, I lose all of my work. What is the point?

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5 Answers


Avatar danyany answered

I have the same problem, also with wordpress, it works for a while, then it does not... :(
Pretty frustrating!



Avatar kathleen.doyle answered

This problem still exists for us in 1.8.3

We have checked sessions are still logged in etc. Its frustrating losing lots of work/time changing things and then it won't save..



Avatar philipp Yootheme answered

this sounds really odd, I have not experienced this when I am working on a side with Pro, do you have special Session settings ( security or something ) so that you have to login again after some minutes when you are working in the customizer?

Do you have a link to your site where I could take a look at it?

Kind Regards


Avatar xspline answered

I have the same WTF situation too sometimes. Doing, doing, doing and after all - save button doesn't work ;(


Avatar danyany answered

The problem disappered with the last update, as Philipp explained above!

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