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Avatar justin.patnode asked

Joomla Artilce Images don't float right in YooTheme Pro

Because the yooTheme pro does not feed articles from joomla categories, ive installed widgetkit 2 to feed the articles and it works, and it does show the intro image, however when you display the full article the "full article" image does not float right and it is set to float right in the jooma images tab.

why cant yootheme pro articles that don't use builder display the full article image to float right? i set it to "float right" and it put the article at top like teh "NONE" setting

the builder seems very unfinished based on how yootheme templates worked in the past... this all used to be so slick, now its just confusing and the builder fails on my system quite allot...

also the positions are not even available any more like "sidebar A", so if you don't use builder you don't get any of the old yootheme positions.

very confused, ive been waiting 7 months for this to improve and im very frustrated...

Please help...

  • Joomla
  • Widgetkit
  • YOOtheme Pro


1 Answer


Avatar justin.patnode answered

why has no one responded to this? 60 days without one response???

can someone please enlighten me on how to solve above issue...


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