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Avatar barlett asked

Problem with website loading. It's too long.

I hadn't any problem with this before. When I used older version of themes, for example "salt" my website was loading very quickly. I decided to used YOOthemePRO. I made website from the beginning. Now I have to many times stopped loading and start again, to load full website. I checked my computer, and main browsers. I think, everything is all right. Please give me several advises how I can deal with this. I'am beginner and and I need Your help.

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4 Answers


Avatar kayhan Support answered

This must be some kind of cache extension. Either in Joomla and/or your web server. Please create a new question for that.


Avatar kayhan Support answered

Your website is 1.6mb (probably because you have many images) and loads in 4 seconds. That is not bad for a site of that size. I don't see any loading issue from my end.


Avatar barlett answered

Thank you for your opinion, but I have another question. I have a problem with loading changes on my website. When I maked my site in yoothemespro I have to wait too long for a changes on my site, is this a reason of my server or mayby I can make something change in settings of my site. Once more thank you for helping. I'm sure that my opinion about yours first place on list of the best website firms is all the time realy right.


Avatar graham.styles answered

It is probably a cache issue,clean your cache in your browser,site and server when you make changes, as suggested above..


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