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Avatar sascha Yootheme asked

[Official] YOOtheme Pro 1.9 Discussion

We just released YOOtheme Pro 1.9 with some great new features:

  • New lightbox and modal options (gallery, overlay, image and modal elements)
  • New section title and vertical alignment options for sections
  • Enhanced overlay and gallery element (Min-height, hover image, mixed image orientations)
  • New option to center the toolbar
  • Improved link picker which allows file picking, too
  • Child theme can overwrite more template files, e.g. index.php and offline.php
  • Child theme loads custom elements from builder/ directory
  • Child theme loads custom module from config.php
  • and much more ...

Here is the blog post to learn more about it.

This thread is dedicated to discuss the new features and report any issues regarding this update.

Confirmed Issues

No confirmed issues, yet.

How to report issues here

Always create an new question for your issue. Then post an answer here with a short description and a link to the thread with your issue.

@paul.lemmens Allow different styles for multi-sites is on the Todo list (High priority) now.

@paul.lemmens Which issues do you have regarding the module positions? We solved all issues in Pro 1.7 with the new builder module which basically is a way to create dynamically sections with module positions on the fly. Here is a discussion thread with detailed solutions and we also created a comprehensive documentation for the builder module.


@paul.lemmens Have you really took a look at the builder module and the position element? You can use the builder to build top and bottom module layouts where you just place module positions. Once you created your module layout you don't have to go back into the builder because all you placed within the builder are module positions. And once you created your module position layout you can publish modules directly on the positions.

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Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

[Closed] All YOOtheme 1.9 specific issues are solved.

Please open new support threads for further issues and don't post more questions here.


Avatar paul.lemmens answered

Add more module positions

I am a developer for content heavy blogs and therefore I cannot use the Builder nor can I use the Builder positions in Yootheme Pro. I would like the default Warp 7 positions to be added in Yootheme Pro as the Builder positions aren't really a good solution to this problem I think. As I like the flexibility of the Customizer in Yootheme Pro, Yootheme Pro is still my go-to theme, just this problem and the theme.css problem I posted in another answer here are stopping me of unleashing the power Yootheme Pro has.

Now I have to hack the core files to add these positions everytime I update Yootheme Pro and I even wrote a tutorial how to add more module positions to Yootheme Pro. How hard is it to just copy/paste this and push it in an update? :-)


EDIT 8-8-2017

Those builder module positions are used with the Builder. As I mentioned above I don't use the Builder because of our content heavy blogs. I played with these options but it's not something I can use. And for instance, there is no Main-Top, Main-Bottom or a Sidebar-B module position. Warp 8 lost a lot of customization options when you can't use the Builder on pages in comparison to Warp 7.



Avatar sergey.mochalov answered

What is the wright metod to override uikit-icons.js file?
For example I have /templates/yootheme/vendor/assets/uikit/dist/js/uikit-icons-joline.min.js?v=1.9.0 on my site

I goes to UIkit official docs and generate new file with my custom svg-icons uikit-icons.js So where I must to upload it? In child theme? Or vendor folder of original theme? Or anywhere else?


Avatar paul.lemmens answered

Theme.css saved in Child Theme CSS folder

As a Wordpress Multisite developer I'm still waiting that the generated theme.css is saved in the css folder of the Child theme instead of the Yootheme Pro parent theme. As this is a problem which I read a few times on this support forum, I think it's really important for a lot of people. It kinda bums me out that the support forum is not actively used by Yootheme and people are asking for answers they'll never get. I asked this question myself 29 days ago and didn't get a proper answer. This is not answering a question in my opinion.

I hope this question is picked up and hopefully get an estimated time when we can expect this to be added in Yootheme Pro. Otherwise I'm paying for something I can't fully use.



Avatar anas.bochi.14 answered

The gallery is bugged after i upgraded to 1.9.1 i cant delete any image from the gallery and cant replace it and if i open the gallery in the builder the system acts weird where i cant even add any new element, shows me that i dont have any element to add !

EDIT. Nvm i found out that Jetpack is causing an incompatibility with the gallery even tho Jetpack is really important to me but i had to disable it in order to fix the issue .
Also i noticed that after upgrading if you have a hover image it will still show but in the settings the field is empty and you have to assign an image and then remove it to do the trick.



Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered

Hi @anas.bochi.14,

can you please create a new question and provide login information?
From which version of YOOtheme Pro did you update from?

I can not confirm the issue you mention, there are no issues for me using Jetpack in the latest version together with YOOtheme Pro.
Also the overlay image in the gallery element is still selected after updating the template in my installation.


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