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Avatar marco.santi asked

Yootheme PRO - Full Page Scroll option

Hi there,

it would be nice to add a full page scroll option.

With the arrow buttons of your keyboard or the vertical scrolling of your mouse the screen will jump to the next section.

each sections will show as the full height of the screen.

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2 Answers


Avatar erik Yootheme answered

Hi marco.santi,

Thank you for your message. We appreciate you sharing your feedback on YOOtheme Pro. Full page scrolling is something that may be possible in the future and we will keep your suggestion in mind.

We collect user feedback and then decide which features will be added next by evaluating how important they are to our customers and our development roadmap and how much time it will take to implement them. Consider your feedback as "added to the list". :)



Avatar marco.santi answered

Hello Erik

thank you for your kind answer.
Great news.

Best regards

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