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Avatar chris.moggia asked

zoo weblinks adding core url when they are not supposed to!

My zoo weblink data is adding the base URL to the links

So if my website was ABC.com, it is adding this to the external links "https://www.abc.com/www.intendedlink.com"

Where "intendedlink.com" is the actual URL.

So when I click on each link, it sends me to a 404 error on my own site, instead of to the intended external page.

I have checked the data elements to make sure that they only contain the www.intendedlink.com data, and I have "add http://" checked in the core setup for the weblink,so I'm not sure why this behavior is happening

Please advise!

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5 Answers


Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


yes, that is correct.
And when you leave the input field the value should be updated and the protocol should be added in front.

When the data was already added before you activated 'Add protocol' it will not be updated.



Avatar chris.moggia answered

Anyone have any ideas? I just re-upped my zoo membership for an astonishing $150 fee. Would really like to be able to use the weblink field feature. . . . .


Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


when you have 'Add Protocol' activated in the configuration Zoo should automatically add 'http://' in front of the link once you leave the input field. So the field should contain the value 'http://www.intendedlink.com', without http:// in front the link is considered to be an internal link.

Please click once into the field and then leave it, the field should now be updated.



Avatar chris.moggia answered

Hello Hendrik. Thank you for your answer.

I was aware of the purpose of the "add protocol" configuration in zoo.

Since my weblinks were all "www.abc.com" I had that activated so that it would automatically append the http:// in front, like this "http://www.abc.com"

If you read my original question, however, I am not simply claiming ignorance of how this protocol works. In fact, I understand how it works and was relying on it to work for my data.

But when I activated the "add protocol" it included the full URL of my website, and not just "http://"

This broke every single link, as it was now trying to access "https://mysite.com/http://abc.com"

My work around was to update ALL of my weblinks to include the http:// protocol before it.

So I exported all of my data, changed each www.abc.com to "http://www.abc.com", and re-imported the data.

That work-around appears to be working, as my links now function properly.

But the original bug/issue was - why was the append http:// function ALSO appending my website's URL address? That seems like a bug, since it was not in any part of the zoo configuration.



Avatar chris.moggia answered

Hendrik, after re-reading your response myself, I learned this:

If you store data in a zoo weblink as simply www.abc.com, it will treat it as an INTERNAL link

If you store data in a zoo weblink field as "http://www.abc.com" it will treat it as an EXTERNAL link.

Is that accurate?

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