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Avatar aron.van.der.linden asked

Renewal question

Hello I asked this question by email two days ago.., Do you already have an answer?

My subscription (standard) will expire in a couple of days. I registered 3 domains with it. If I renew now, do I get 3 more licences? So 6 in total?

Also, if I want to upgrade to a developer subscription, do I get a discount as well?

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Avatar thomas.p Support Online answered

Hi aron.van.der.linden,

Edit: This was my first answer, but it is not correct

afaik, the number of licenses will stay the same on renewal. If you have a Standard membership with 3 licenses and renew, you still have 3 licenses.

If you let it expire and buy a new membership (which will then be without discount) you have 3 additional licenses, but note that you actually aren't allowed to use updates on the 'old' sites licensed.

This is still correct

Upgrades are already discounted to my knowledge, but you won't get additional time I think when upgrading from standard to developer.

However, any binding statements can only be made by info@yootheme.com.

kind regards



Avatar thomas.p Support Online answered

Kayhan just pointed out to me that you would get three additional licenses. The old licenses might not be editable but allowed to use updates. However, I will check with the office for a definite answer. Unfortunately, the one who usually takes care of the mails isn't in the office today, that's probably why you didn't get a response, too.

I will provide an update as soon as I got one.


Avatar thomas.p Support Online answered

Thanks for your patience, here we go:

Licenses are not time-limited, but access to download & support.

If you now have a standard subscription with the 3 sites, e.g.

and then you renew, you can add 3 more sites

as long as your subscription is active, you can update all 6 sites. but you can only change the site names for the latest 3 sites. so you have 3 licenses fixed to the sites a, b and c and 3 more licenses you can still revise as long as your subscription is active.


Avatar aron.van.der.linden answered

Yes thank you. That was what I was looking for.

The only left question I have is, if I also get a discount if I renew and upgrade to a developer licence.


Avatar thomas.p Support Online answered

If you renew before expiry, you get the renewal discount.

Once the renewed subscription is active and you upgrade, you only have to pay the difference between standard and developer license.

As I understand from your question you want to switch/upgrade to developer directly after your current subscription is over and get 20% off of the developer price, right? For that I can only ask you to contact info@yootheme.com



Avatar thomas.p Support Online answered

Hi again,

if you are still awaiting a response from info@yootheme.com please note that the office sales person currently is on vacation but will be back next week afaik.

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