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Dropdown menu - display of level3,4 items

I used different yootheme templates for websites. One really great advantage is the menu structure and the great number of options.
In older templates I used for example Level (06/2009) or Dayligth 12/2008 the submenus (level3, level4 etc.) in the dropdown menu were shown with mouse over in a column on the right side of the dropdown menu.
Example: http://www.webdan.dde/dropdown_menu_yoo_level.jpg

The last template I downloaded (Cloud) those submenus are fix in the whole list of the dropdown menu.
Example: http://www.webdan.dde/dropdown_menu_cloud.jpg

If there are a lot of submenus in level3, 4 etc. it is difficult to stukture the menu because even if the mouse is not over all sumenu items are shown.
Is there a possibility to change the display of the menu like the examples of Level-template: Mouse over the item in the menu opens the items of level3 and so on..

thank you.

Example of dropdown Menu with yoo level (which I would like to realize in Cloud)

Example of dropdown Menu with Cloud


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Avatar calvaryhouston answered

I would really love this as well. Great for churches. Is there a reason this is not possible? I might slightly understand :)


Avatar ed.croteau answered

Any updates on this ? Seems crazy that you can't display more than 3 levels ...

So many menu systems support this and have for years.

Does anyone even have a workaround ?


Avatar danielo answered

Thank you for your reply. Too bad that warp 6+ does not provide this function. I liked the yootheme themes especially because of the dropdown menu and possibility of display of complex submenu structures which helps in the organisation of complex websites. Is there really no possibility to create a menu like this?

Even in the backend uses dropdown display of level3 with mouse over.




Avatar graymatters answered

Please. Please. Please find a solution for this. I just can't understand why this is not an option... Any word yet?


Avatar carlo.dalle.molle answered

Hi, i would like to create the same effect, is possible change php file for obtain the same effect?


Avatar danielo answered

I think you have to change the menu.css file in the css folder of the template. Unfortunately I didn't figure out ow to do yet. May be someone of the yootheme-team or any user with experience in changing the css files could help.


Avatar svenhassel answered


I also welcome the possibility of multi-level menu that is shown in the above screenshots.


Avatar marcelo.costa answered


Would like to have level 3 only show on mouse over.


Avatar daniel.riefstahl answered

+1 for me too. i know we can install other menu systems, but why not add this feature? Seem like a lot of us want it.


Avatar sp.de.wit answered

I am thinking for a new template. But is this problem solved? or still there?


Avatar eagave answered

We need solution to this issue.. I do have a very similar requirement and just ran into this technical limiatation.... Could you check with your developers for a solutions?


Avatar sp.de.wit answered

Will this be possible with WARP 7? In the past it was possible, why is this option gone?


Avatar sp.de.wit answered

Will this be possible with WARP 7?


Avatar brian.klifman answered

I would love to use a lever 3 in the drive template as well...


Avatar david.brechbiel.97 answered

Its crazy that the newer templates don't have this available but the older ones did.
If you aren't working on this for Warp7, you need to be as it is a end-all for us.

Gantry, Vortex & T3 all have it.
Don't make me abandon Warp!


Avatar louvraggs answered

I did it this way in the EAT template but I guess the classes are the same in every other yootheme template (based on Warp 7):

/Hide the 3rd level menu on dropdown/
ul.uk-nav-sub {
display: none;

/Show the 3rd level on mouseover 2nd level/
ul.uk-nav-navbar li:hover > ul {
position: absolute; /this allows you to put the box everywhere you want/
top: 0; /adjust these values to put the box in your favorite position/
left: 0;



Avatar mustaq Yootheme answered

This is not possible with the WARP 6 + template framework, unfortunately. The Main Menu supports only up to Level 3.


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