How to setup the accordion menu before Warp

This tutorial shows you, how to setup the Accordion Menu in a YOOtheme template before we implemented the Warp framework in all templates since July 2009.

Set up the menu structure

For example, your menu structure could look like this:

Accordion Menu configuration

The menu item with the label Accordion Sample A is the Accordion menu trigger which, when clicked, will show the sub level items.

Adding the effect to the newly created menu

To add the accordion menu effect to a new menu like othermenu2 you need to do this:

Edit lib/php/yootools.php (somewhere around line 35):

/* menu */
"accordionMenu" => array("mainmenu" => 2, "othermenu" => 1, "usermenu" => 1)

And add your accordion level and menu name, example for "othermenu2":

/* menu */
"accordionMenu" => array("mainmenu" => 2, "othermenu" => 1, "usermenu" => 1, "othermenu2" => 1)

You can find the name of the menu by clicking on menus --> menumanager, there in the column "Type" you will find the name:

Accordion Menu configuration

Switching between different accordion modes

Open lib/js/yoo_tools.js and look for the YOOAccordionMenu code.

Use the option slide to make it possible to open more than one sub menu item at the same time.

new YOOAccordionMenu('div#middle li.toggler', 'ul.accordion', { accordion: 'slide' });

Use option default to close all expanded submenu items when another submenu item is clicked.

new YOOAccordionMenu('div#middle li.toggler', 'ul.accordion', { accordion: 'default' });

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