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Air template

October 2010 YOOtheme club template

Air template

Welcome YOOtheme's latest template: Air! Its light design, flexible layout and large presentation area put your products and content right into perspective. The elegant menu bar looks great in combination with a wide screen background image in the header.

For Air we created a great variety of different colors, backgrounds and styles you never have seen before. You can combine 4 menu bar styles, 6 template colors, 8 background images that are individually optimized for every template color and 4 font-families to create a unique look. Of course you can also select out of our 12 presets to switch the design of your site very easily. Additionally we put a new date style for the ZOO Blog app and 2 new list styles into this template. Get Air and join the YOOtheme club today.

Feature list

  • A variety of template color variations
  • Lots of modules with color variations, endless combinations with icons and badges possible
  • Built with the Warp5.5 template framework
  • Utilizes different webfonts
  • Compact size, using minified CSS/JS, gzip and data-URI's
  • Works with all YOOtools (Joomla 1.5 only)

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By Sascha | | Posted in Themes

Comments (21)

  • _SeiA_


    Nice Nice Nice, good job
  • Art


    way better than last months template.
  • marco.de.angelis


    | Profile |
    I Agree. The template is, as the name implies, light and spacious and professional. It is finally a non vertical-looking template, and may be very well used to spotlight a product.
    Yootheme seems to be always a step ahead and working hard on the foundations/frameworks. With Zoo, there are already a nice set of social elements available.

    If I may express a concern/request, for the perfect product-oriented website, now Yootheme should pick some existing joomla projects as sidekicks and integrate their look & feel as components for:
    * e-commerce (Tienda, VirtueMart?)
    * forums (Kunena, Agora, NinjaBoard?)

  • magicspon


    | Profile |
    this is seriously cool, has to be my favourite just cannae wait for my next project so i can flop out this beast... wooop!
  • Doublefroggle


    The template is really nice, but I would prefer something, that looks similar to the Enterprise template. That would be nice too!
  • Fredrik Enevold

    Fredrik Enevold

    Best Joomla template created so far!!!
  • just had to say it, excellent yoo
  • Charles


    Very nice template and for the first time it is a bit more subtle, soft and not as clean and cold as the previous templates. This the way forward Yootheme!
  • bigfrontdoor


    | Profile |
    Back on form again guys, this is brilliant work !!
  • Tom | NewEvolution

    Tom | NewEvolution

    I like the "Brown Mountains" version!
  • tqddn_hmzh


    best template ever created from yootheme

    p/s: how about this idea.
    1- mega menu system in yootheme template
    2- integration with other component
    3- add some more module position and variation
    4- nice look and features in administrator ( like gantry framework)
    5- etc
    • zach


      | Profile |
      Other than #4, YooTheme templates already offer this. The administrator back-end may not be as flashy, but the docs provide you with more than enough to customize the templates to your liking.
      • tqddn_hmzh


        i do concern with all the features but this 4 improvement.

        nice feature 4 warp 6
  • hao.tan


    | Profile |
    very good template
  • klaus.sprinkart


    | Profile |
    endlich mal ein Template, das wieder auf der Höhe der Zeit ist. Der Name Air passt. Die Leichtigkeit und Offenheit dieses Templates wünsche ich mir auch für die zukünftigen....

    Great job. Thank yoooooo
  • jeromy.schuetze


    | Profile |
    Nice theme! Thanks folks!
  • Ben


    I'm getting a new subscription just about right now, it is THE best Joomla template ever...!
  • Juan


    i have a question. Are these templates ready for when joomla 1.6 is out of beta an into production.
  • vocality


    | Profile |
    I am looking at this template and very keen but I can't see any reference to compatibility with Virtuemart. I am particularly interested in the great looking Product Catalogue and I want to make sure this works inconjunction with Virtuemart.
  • like Neox

    like Neox

    Its compatible with 1.6 version?

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