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Cloud Theme

October 2011 YOOtheme club theme

Cloud Theme

Welcome Cloud, our theme release for October. Cloud comes with a clean and light design using soft-colors, which makes it suitable for all kinds of webites specially for e-commerce, business or magazine sites. A variety presets for colors, backgrounds, textures and fonts, makes it easy to customize the overall style to fit your needs. Further Cloud offers a rich typography and a broad range of module variations with optional icons and badges.

Widgetkit gets some new features as well with the latest Beta 12 version. This update is all about styles for the slideshow and gallery widget! We added popular style variations like a showcase style which lets you display a set of buttons for navigation below your slides. Additionally we create a nice and clean tab style with a optional toolbar and a fancy list style. All new styles make use of modern CSS3 techniques which allows to create a awesome look by still maintaining a optimized performance and a compact file size.

  • Available for Joomla 1.5, 1.7 and Wordpress
  • Choose from 9 styles combinable with 7 textures, 8 color schemes and 10 fonts
  • 4 module styles combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons
  • 4 Custom styles for Widgetkit
  • Matching mobile theme
  • All Warp framework features are available

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By Sascha | | Posted in Themes

Comments (34)

  • james.hoye


    | Profile |
    You really do hit the spot with your templates. Along with Shelf, another winner!

    Are you teasing us with the "shopping basket" text in the top banner? Oh please let it be true - a YOOtheme eCommerce component would top it all.

    BTW the badges all show HOT on the module variations demo page.
    • TQS


      Yea, a YOOtheme eCommerce component would top it all.
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Thanks, we fixed the HOT badges :-)
  • christos.kiritsis


    | Profile |
    Excellent ! Bravo !! Your last 2 themes are so damn smooth and nice! Great job with the new showcase and tabs as well ! <3 yootheme ;D
  • bslindgreen


  • TQS


    What a brilliant... What a sexy... What a magic...
    So, so clean, well designed, smooth and beautifully structured...
    I guess this is the most ever handy, famous and top theme you done ever.
    Thank you. you really care about your customers.
  • maxita


    | Profile |
    This theme its AMAZING! The best one ever seen, clean, fast, elegant! I will use it IMMEDIATLY! Please just fix the NEWS secition its not stylized with the rest of the theme like the previous themes. And please make a ZOO Blog skin for look like joomla news because we really need it!!! FOr the rest yootheme = M A G I C !!!!
  • Shorty


    This template is exactly what I ever wanted. Like a "Nano" on steroids.
  • Rob


    Great release! Clean and functional.
  • Wayne


    Can it be full width and not boxed? Nice work Guys..;)
  • robiv8


    Sehr schön!
  • james.valenti


    | Profile |
    Absolutely amazing. This is why I signed up for YooTheme a few months ago!!! I began seeing fantastic, simple, clean templates and knew that they would continue rocking simple templates out. YooRock!
  • jon


    best template ever, you guys just keep getting better and better ;)
  • Doogledesign


    Very cool template. I love the slideshow and gallery updates to WK. The template does beg the question--ecommerce & zoo? Is this about to happen??
  • Chilax


    It's my second favourite after Milk. Wonderful stuff.
  • philipp.mueller.92


    | Profile |
    Uuuh a pretty nice template - again :D

    Aus Freiburg :P
  • Marian


    works with wordpress 3.1.3 ?
  • The Winter King

    The Winter King

    Nice. But not so good as Shelf and Corona. :)
  • Wayne


    More themes like Shelf and Quantum, they are amazing..:P
  • Mike


    Great template, loved it! But any chance you could make a Nano v2?
  • cylinda.dominguez.19


    | Profile |
    is there a way we can view the Demo Mobile version??
  • Nice Template !
  • Alexis


    wow !! Really nice. I think i'm gonna buy this one.
    But one question. On the main page it looks like there is no page or article...how did you do that with Wordpress ?
  • terp


    | Profile |
    Shelf piqued my interest; cloud sealed the deal. Welcome the newest member of the Yootheme J! club - me. :)

    ...love the slider look and feel. Awesome.
  • Marius


    IF this whould be powered by wp e-commerce it whould sale like crazy.
  • joomuser


    Great theme. Can't wait until next week. By the way, why doesn't the slideshow or slide-set auto resume when selected? Seems strange.
  • Ale


    YOO are the best joomla programmers in the universe.
  • pedro.carvalho


    | Profile |
    Hi, never bought a yootheme, so as a probably future user, are there any kind of help documentation?
    Thank you
  • rudolf.a.renszarvas


    | Profile |
    I like it very much but without product and category page layout I am lost.
  • murilo.costa.monteiro.filho


    | Profile |
    Outstanding theme! Using it right now!
  • marek.urban


    | Profile |

    Are you planning to update this template with styles for Virtue Mart 2 ?

    That would be wonderful.
  • cihan.sevil


    | Profile |
    best Yootheme template ever...
  • maximilian.heim


    | Profile |
    Very nice theme! i love it!

    Can anyboday say what font is the Logo?

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