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Crystal template

September 09 YOOtheme club template

Crystal template

Here is our latest template creation: Crystal! This template comes with a super swish fixed menu bar on top of the site. Crystal also sets new standards in the use of PNG alpha transparencies. You can create stunning effects using multiple transparencies when you place transparent modules on transparent backgrounds. It also comes with a great selection of background color variations and further you are able to easily apply your own custom background images.

Crystal offers lots of different color variations for menu items, allowing you to style every page in a different color. The background color of the drop down menu also changes when you change a menu item's item color. Of course, you can combine all menu item-based color variations with all module color variations ... variety galore!

By the way: We also wanted our ZOO component to fit into Crystal visually, so we included black CSS styles for ZOO. Now you can seamlessly integrate ZOO into the new YOOtheme Crystal template.

Warp5 updates

We added some minor stuff to our Warp5 framework. The YOOmorph JavaScript allows now to use an ignoreSelector and we added some new module templates.

Feature list
  • Built with the new Warp5 template framework
  • Muti-column dropdown menu with fancy effect
  • Nice text shadow for headlines, modules and menu
  • Lots of modules with color variations, endless combinations with icons and badges possible
  • 2-1-3 column ordering for search engine friendliness
  • Compact size, using gzip and image sprites
  • Works with all YOOtools (Joomla 1.5 only)

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By Sascha | | Posted in Themes

Comments (18)

  • Henning


    I like this one ... good stuf!
  • I agree, nice template. So, what is the best way to update the Flux and Phoenix Templates?
  • Excellent Template!
    • 2012


      Yes, I love this one. I was just wondering if they would make a darkest theme with their new warp5 framework, it's good to know they did.
  • Nice job..
  • christian.sadrinna


    | Profile |
    A little bit slow and sticky, isnt it? Althought, good template & work...
    • hib


      in my case it loads pretty fast
  • gargol


    Excellent Job. Even if the theme is missing a red(yootheme-red)-style ;). The warp-menu expanded to new highs, awesome. soon a member
  • Really love this template. Thank god I've another months membership too.
  • njsloan


    | Profile |
    Yep a good template design. Using it to replace 'blueprint' for a music site. Some good site member feedback. But alas it would be good to have an alternate "light" version.
  • dvajser


    Love this one :) Anybody know if i can use the menu style from phoenix template in this one? By that i mean.. can i have the level 2 items on the right side of the level 1 item? i don't like to have subitems down under the first item.. So please tell me someone so i can buy a membership and have it the way i want ;)

  • ssk_sanchir


    wooow , awesome .....
  • warper


    u guys just rok. i really hope the october theme will boost us from the chairs ;) i wanted to wait for a membership until you have a nice collection of warp-menu-like themes and i think & hope this will be fullfilled with the next release. Great skellet to build on. thx anyway for all the incredible stuff you provide us with (yooeffects)!
  • Casper


    Love it!
  • stevan


    guys, please help me. does it sound pathetic when the release of the next yootheme template is one of my most exciting moments every month? Damn i have to change my life. anyways i like the themes
  • Mike


    you guys are an amazing lot! and hey, the crystal logo is outstanding. can you provide the psd for that so that we can use it to modify the text? ;-)
  • vacuum


    I like this.nice template.
  • Den


    Melanie C uses this wonderful template... Looks very good! I'd like to use it too ))))

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