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Downtown Theme

July 2011 YOOtheme club theme

Downtown Theme

Say hello to Downtown, our latest theme release. Downtown comes with a fresh design and a broad range of easy to combine elements like color schemes, background textures and fonts. This makes it pretty easy to create your own custom style. Additionally Downtown brings you cool features like CSS3 animations, a broad range of module variations with optional ribbons for headlines and a new custom style for the slideshow of our Widgetkit component.

Our Widgetkit gets some new features with the latest Beta 4 version. With the new Gallery widget you can easily create a image slideshow. Just select the folders where your images are stored, set a size, pick a style and you are done. The new Media Player lets you embed videos in the new HTML5 way but also adds a flash fallback for unsupported browsers. For all ZOO users we added a plugin which allows you to create Widgetkit slideshows from ZOO items.

  • Available for Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and Wordpress
  • Choose from 8 styles, 5 textures, 7 colors and 8 fonts
  • Custom mobile theme to match the theme design
  • 2 module styles combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons
  • Enriched with CSS3 goodies
  • All Warp framework features are available

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

By Sascha | | Posted in Themes

Comments (24)

  • Morgan


    Yes, I like it alot! :-)
  • Chris Gilroy

    Chris Gilroy

    WidgetKit for ZOOOOOOOOOOO sweet!!

    Wait, where is the download? I dont see it in the download section?
  • ralharithi


    | Profile |
    Absolutely wounder full!

    I can't wait to try it out.

    Thank you very much for this.
  • Chris Gilroy

    Chris Gilroy

    WidgetKit for ZOOOOOOOOOOO sweet!!
  • printeriordesign


    Looks AWESOME!
  • dmdweb


    | Profile |
    Real nice template. I just wished you would bring back the old typography with a little more. Most customers do not know how to add typography and rely on the template for it. IMHO The new Warp 6 is just plain without better typography styling. It's like having a Porsche with VW beetle wheels
    • Dennis


      I love the VW Beetle wheels...but thats a discussion for another day!
  • shaun


    love the theme !

    quick question when are you going to update your site e.g. the warp page etc

  • Very nice work yootheme guys! Another great template! Just 2 notes:
    1) seem there is a bug in the media player, with firefox 5 i can't see the full screen button, sometimes it apper for 1 second and vanish... i think its a bug because i have no way to fullscreen the video!
    2) in the widgetkit examples the galley and the slideshow are the same iteam, maybe some publication error...

    For the rest go go go and thanks!
  • Dennis


    Awesome template. Clean. Yoo guys have raised the damn bar!
  • robiv8


    I'm disappointed, Old Style and only added a few new nooks and colors. Too bad.
    To me it seems rather as if it now fits all templates in the new framework and something changed.
  • TooCed


    Widgetkit & Zoo are just brillant and amazing work. Still waiting for a Warp 6 template capable to replace Corona tough. This feels like déja vu.
  • kevin.pearson


    | Profile |
    You havent created a theme for zoo blog? why is it you still fully support the stock joomla articles and not your zoo applications when creating these themes?
  • hans.joachim.niemann


    | Profile |
    A nice template but again more or less a variation of the nano-template. I wish for the August template something like the Air template.
    • Marius


      yeah, please something like the Air template for August, clear colors with the great warp6 framework
  • Dirk


    Hey YooTheme - Team,
    it's a nice, clean, very fast template. I love it.
  • eric.brissette.83


    | Profile |
    I'd like to see an example of the gallery widget with thumbnails...
  • Very stylish!
  • carls


    this is what i want ... may i know the currency for member on USD? i used many converter but show me a different value... thanks and regard..
  • CoolBro


    How can i use the homepage slider?
  • Jaffar


    Will it be available for joomla 1.7 version?
  • Kostas


    Is that template ready for 1.7 version of Joomla? Because, on description of the product you refer to 1.5,1.6 & wordpress, but here http://www.yootheme.com/demo/joomla, when you choose "DownTown" the description says for 1.5-1.7 Joomla
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      All Warp6 and Warp5.5 templates are working with Joomla 1.7... So yes, Downtown is working with Joomla 1.7
  • tamara.field


    | Profile |
    Where can I find the documentation? Need to know module positions.

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