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Goodbye IE6!

YOOtheme will drop IE6 support for upcoming templates and extensions on January 1st 2010

Goodbye IE6!

As many of you may know, all our current YOOtheme template and extension releases are compatible and tested with the Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). Since this browser was originally released in 2001 and does not support the latest web standards and technologies compared to modern browsers which offer a rich support for HTML5, CSS2 or CSS3. Not to mention all the IE6 quirks and bugs which were sadly never fixed (Well we guess, every web developer knows what we are talking about ;-).

Since it's release in 2001, Microsoft realized that the IE6 was not the greatest piece of software they have ever written. So after about 5 year's of development on the 18. October 2006 they released IE6 successor Internet Explorer 7.

Furthermore in March 2009 they even released todays latest version, Internet Explorer 8. Both successors offer a lot of improvements compared to the old IE6 and most importantly a better support of todays web standards. Fortunately the number of people using IE6 is decreasing slowly but steady and the release of the upcoming Windows 7 later this year will surely speed up this process.

So we decided to discontinue IE6 browser support in YOOtheme products by the end of the year 2009. This means all templates and extensions of 2009 will still be IE6 compatible, but starting in January 2010 we will not test IE6 compatibility anymore. By doing so we follow an actual trend of dropping IE6 support, as announced on a lot of popular websites like Youtube, Apple MobileMe, 37signals Basecamp or Digg. Why are we dropping the IE6 support? IE6 is clearly a past-generation browser and cannot deliver a rich user experience that modern browsers can. Also this step allows us to focus on modern web technologies to optimize and enhance our templates without all the IE6 drawbacks.

We´re sure that this will give our future YOOtheme releases an additional boost and we can be very excited about what to come.

So we say "Farewell IE6!" on January 1st 2010.

By Steffan | | Posted in Themes, Warp

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  • daveis


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    bout time! I've told my clients I dont develop for ie6 anymore as well. Here's to all those folks still on that crappy browser migrating to something modern!
  • Scott


    I love how the ie6 icon is grissly and looks to be a bit senile and confused. Appropriate. Alas I am hindering the process, working on a large intranet for a client who has an internal network running on Win98.
  • DadaMail


    at last !!
  • davidosullivan


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    Much as I agree with the sentiment, and utterly hate IE6 myself and everyone who makes my life a designing hell by using that piece of s**t, there is still apprx a whopping 31% of users who are stuck with it for one reason or other.

    The idea that Windows 7 is going to suddenly make a huge difference is not I think well founded. Most users who are using IE6 are office workers/business workers whose IT departments are of the mind 'if it ain't broke why fix it'- their ageing versions of Office and XP enable them to do almost everything they need to do and will likely continue to do so for some time, so the chances of these guys rushing out to re-equip entire offices is pretty slim.

    When XP came along it was a different story as Windows 95/98 was crap and cost people a huge amount of productivity. But all these guys are happy with XP so probably won't upgrade to Windows 7- therefore I think the chances of them upgrading their browsers is VERY low aswell.

    So the long and the short of it is that by dropping IE6 support you are leaving your clients high and dry because almost all of them will be making sites for clients who have a significant proportion of users using IE6. Not good.
    • debbie.songster


      | Profile |
      I don't agree with you DOS. If Yoothemes were attempting to do this alone (stop designing for IE6) then I would agree with you but it appears this decision is wide spread.
      Sometimes it takes a collective to force change and I think this change is good.
      I think the thing that keeps old technology going on way beyond the years its should be put out to pasture are the people (companies) who feel they must continue to support it. Its flogging a dead horse and a waste of resources.
      I say stop supporting IE6 so it can die the death it should have done when it was first created.
    • InfoT


      Firstly, I agree, time has run out for IE6.

      But, like DOS, I have a client who last month, 39% of their users were still using ie6. Much to our dismay, we still have to provide a way for their visitors to view the sight the least broken that we can possibly do. They are a B2B company, their base is mostly medical professionals in hospitals worldwide, and forcing them to update might be difficult.

      However, another client who had a high ie6 base (about 26%) 4 months ago when we updated them to Joomla and YOOtheme template. They are a B2C company. We utilized the mod_yoo_iecheck that lets the person know to upgrade their browsers. They now have an 8% ie base, lesser and lesser each week.

      Getting individuals to update is going to be much easier than businesses who, like DOS said, think if "it ain't broke here, then why fix it." Even though we as developers knows, it's old, broken and time to take it off life-support!
  • reyes


    In many ways I am surprised it took this long to drop support!
  • Shiraz


    I feel Happy & Confused:
    Happy: because we are moving to a better web with better technologies.
    Confused: Why IE6 is still the most widely used Web Browser.
    Regards, Shiraz
  • this is a small step for yootheme, but a great step for us webdevelopers => great thing, i will also stop supporting ie6 but will add a nice "you are still using a prehisotrical browser" message to all my sites ;)
  • bristweb


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    my feelings on this are a bit mixed.

    on one hand, IE6 still has a substantial userbase and abandoning them can hurt business.

    on the other hand, dropping ie6 hopefully means that the time that is usually spent debugging for IE6 can now be used to further enhance the designs
  • I agree with irreparabel and do not have anything against yootheme dropping the support. It is about time, considering that many companies such as Digg and Youtube already announced that IE6 support will be dropped.

    By doing that yootheme and other also help the Webmaster community who have less significant websites.
    @Shiraz: the reason people are still on IE6 is because of these reasons:
    - Big websites still support IE6 and there is not reason for people to upgrade.
    - People do not know that there is another browser, so we need to fonce them to install a new one (partly by not disallowing the entrance to the website. )

    @DOS: Installing a new browser takes 2 Minutes for one Computer. And If you think how much faster and more efficient these browsers work the time spent upgrading will pay off very quickly.
  • Benny Adolfsen

    Benny Adolfsen

    Just wondering where the September template has gone?
    • Googa


      I have taken (stolen) the September theme because It is so beautiful that i want it all by myself :)
  • jing


    ya we can drop support for ie6 and forge all windows users to upgrade his/her web browser to firefox3 or ie8 :)
    ie6 is the badest software on the world ive to know, but still alive in many computer
  • cavo


    Excellent ! I'm web developer too and, indeed, it's a pitty to play with all these browsers.
  • Tim


    Great article and very true.
  • Your decision is right. I support you.

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