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Mellow template

October 09 YOOtheme club template

Mellow template

Say hello to Mellow! Our October template is mostly dressed in subtle colors. We give you an unobtrusive template at hand that looks nice and modern without the need for gradients.

It has modules that change their color when hovered. It also comes with pretty style overrides for the YOOaccordion and YOOcarousel modules which change according to the color variation that is in use.

You can use Mellow for all kinds of purposes ... it presents your content in the proper light. And please pay attention to the nice three-dimensional menu tab design! And of course Mellow is based on the Warp5 Joomla template framework.

Feature list

  • Built with the new Warp5 template framework
  • Muti-column dropdown menu
  • Lots of modules with color variations, endless combinations with icons and badges possible
  • 2-1-3 column ordering for search engine friendliness
  • Compact size, using gzip and image sprites
  • Works with all YOOtools (Joomla 1.5 only)

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

By Sascha | | Posted in Themes

Comments (20)

  • schipperijn


    | Profile |
    Wouw... what means this is realy great this template... in Dutch.
    Great work Yoo Team!
  • Leon


    Cool new template!
    I'm need it dutch xD
  • Dave


    You guys freaking rock!!! Every month you outdo yourselves. With hundreds of monthly websites services for Joomla! templates out there you are always by far the best (and believe it or not I'm not affiliated with them, just a happy customer). Great Job!
  • Rajan


    Great, I like the subtle colors and light feeling!
  • Yolanda


    Great stuff, however I find it a shame that everything is still based on mootools 1.1, as it has been obsolete for some time, and version 1.2 offers so much more.
    Will you be upgrading to version 1.2?
  • reijmer.peter


    | Profile |
    Very cool. Great design. More like this please!!!
  • papa250254


    really great template, nice subtle colours keep up the very good work!
  • androlink


    Nice Template. what is the name of the module of the slideshow. I like it.
    • Uli


      Hi, it's the YOOcarousel ... Mellow comes with CSS overrides for its slideshow styling!
  • It's because of your beautiful templates that I come to love Joomla!
  • stardust


    Plz promise me yootheme to stay on your line. Because so far your themes are way ahead, more mature and more functional then any other themes out there. Alot other Joomla Templateclubs make oversized templates built like content does not matter. I love nearly all of your themes and especially i love the proportions you use (size relation between menu-content). Stay like you are ... i mean keep on evolving like you always have been. a big fan of yours.
  • WOW WOW WOW WOW I love it!

    I will definitely use this one, EXCELLENT JOB guys!
  • very very great and nice job!! congratulations
  • simi


    Not crazy about the look and feel, but the functionality makes it a great starting point.
    Especially the multi-column drop down menus. Very very nice.
  • michael.maarek


    | Profile |
    Excelent Template ! My favorite since long time (Season) ! Thank you for this job !
  • essec


    Nice template with a lot of functionalities !
  • Great template..will keep visiting this blog regularly...
  • Tim


    Nice template, very cool looking.
  • Love the theme, can anybody possibly tell me what font the "mellow" logo is in in the template demo? It's perfect for something I'm working on right now! Cheers, James.
  • xyber


    omg very nice theme :)))

    Buy link ? wordpress buy link please :)

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