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ZOO event in retrospect

Take a look at all the pictures and the video we created of our ZOO presentation.


Today we want to give a brief roundup on our ZOO presentation at Hagenbeck ZOO's Tropical Aquarium on May 27th, 2009. We know that it has already been five weeks since we had this great event but it took us some time to look through all the pictures, create the video and prepare this blog post.

First of all, thanks everyone for coming. We were almost 40 people in the Huge Shark Atoll, and we think it was a very nice evening with a stunning atmosphere. The presentation was divided into three parts. The first one was held by Annabel, talking about the architecture and the different application purposes of the ZOO. Then, Janine talked about everything you can do in the backend of the ZOO, creating catalogs, categories, types and items. After Janine's presentation, Sven showed what you can do with templates and overrides, how to render elements and what the different views are for. He also showed in which folders you can find all the files needed to create templates and what all of those files do, basically everything you need to know to be able to create your own templates. After the presentation, Steffan gave a lookout on which features are going to be implemented in the next ZOO versions. We will do a blog post about the upcoming features of ZOO 1.1 in the next weeks. Finally we had individual conversations about Joomla, the ZOO, YOOtheme and the daily work we all do as web developers, of which some were very inspiring.

We recorded the whole event and created a short video for all who could not participate. Don't forget to continue reading to see all the images. Enjoy the video impressions:

Thanks again to everyone who was there, we hope you liked it, too, and we hope we could also give you some input and inspiration for you current and upcoming projects. We're hoping to see you guys at the next YOOtheme event!

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Comments (12)

  • PunshDrunkLove


    Nice Ambient, how cool is this Background!
    *Schade, dass es in Hamburg war, Wuppertal hat auch einen schönen Zoo :P"
  • mustaq


    This was a great event, I regret not being able to make it .
  • klaas.brant


    | Profile |
    Hey Guys, I have organised many, many events but your venue looks awesome!
  • oliver8deg


    | Profile |
    Would it be possible for you to post the presentation slides on the site? Thanks. Oliver
  • irancho


    | Profile |
    I am very impresed with your presentation, congratulations!! I hope that soon you can come to america
  • ArKey


    I regret i was not able to participate (lack on sparetime)
    Do you plan to share the whole video?
  • jeremy.corkin


    | Profile |
    What an awesome venue for a presentation/
  • Our imprecionado I am with the quality of design you ........ I am more crazy with it, well ...... one day I get it
  • sunrui


    zoo is very good , yooscroller is very also nice . but the yooscroller can't access the zoo's content , ti's a pity.
  • sarel.klopper


    | Profile |
    Well done.
  • Vino


    can yoosearch compatible with the zoo?
  • I only wish I could see the presentation... of course it would have to be in English...

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