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Recap 2015

Check out last year's projects and highlights

Recap 2015 - Check out lasts year projects and highlights

2015 has been filled with great moments and exciting projects. The beginning of a new year is always a good opportunity to look back and see what has happened. We would also like to take the opportunity and look ahead to see what our plans are for the upcoming months.

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JoomlaDay Germany 2015

We presented UIkit, Warp and Widgetkit and had a fun couple of days together

JoomlaDay Germany 2015

After 4 years the Joomla community finally gathered in our home town Hamburg again! Last week we came together at Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld, a local harness racing track, for JoomlaDay Germany and to celebrate the 10th birthday of Joomla! This event is always a great opportunity to meet friends, exchange knowledge and to sit down for some interesting talks. To us this was a particularly exciting as we not only got in touch with users and answered their questions in our tech corner.

We also had the chance to give talks of our own. If you couldn't make it to JoomlaDay or our talks, don't worry! All three sessions on UIkit, Warp and Widgetkit, which were held in German, have been recorded and uploaded to the JandBeyond YouTube channel.

JoomlaDay Germany 2015 Impressions

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JoomlaDay Germany 2015

We'll give three workshops and are silver sponsor!

We give three workshops and are silver sponsor

We are happy to welcome the Joomla community back in Hamburg in September for this year's Joomla Day Germany. The last time we all came together in this beautiful city was in 2011, which is obviously way too long. The conference bids with a promising program featuring great speakers. We're proud to join the lineup and to support the event as silver sponsor.

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HSH Nordbank Run 2015

YOOtheme pulled through!

HSH Nordbank Run 2015

Every year a popular charity run is arranged in Hamburg, the HSH Nordbank run. This time it took place right in front of our new HafenCity office. For this reason we took the opportunity to put on our running gear and participate. The weather was fine although it was almost too warm and dusty for running races. But we're all at the top of our game, so we made the 4km easily.

Of course we had to create our own shirts for this event to be recognized as an athletic and motivated team. As we are all into coding and also fast runners, our slogan was clear: Code Runner (pun intended)! In about 20 minutes our fastest code runners made the kilometers smoothly.

Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a cold beer and BBQ on our terrace. On this occasion we invited our friends and families to spend a beautiful and delicious evening with us.

Best of all, this year the run raised more than 155.000 Euros. It will be donated to the Hamburg based organization „Kinder helfen Kindern“, which supports children from socially disadvantaged families. We are happy for the chance to contribute to this cause! Here are some impressions of the event:

HSH Nordbank Run 2015 Impressions

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Recap 2014

A year with YOOtheme

Recap 2014 - One year with YOOtheme

2014 has come to an end. As always that makes us think about moments that filled our year. Let's take a look back but also a look into the future to see what's on the agenda for 2015.

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JoomlaDay Germany 2014

We joined the conference in Cologne and gave insights about Warp and UIkit.

JoomlaDay Germany 2014

Almost two weeks ago part of the YOOtheme team attended the JoomlaDay in Cologne - a great event. We met old friends, joined interesting talks and had the opportunity to hold two workshops ourselves. Although we could only be there for one day we had much fun and enjoyed showing Warp and UIkit to the community. Our Warp session (held in German) is available through the Jandbeyond Youtube channel. Unfortunately our second session won’t be available because of technical and acoustical problems.

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What's up, YOOtheme?

Pagekit and our future plans

Pagekit Alpha

More than half of a great year has passed by but there are still exciting times ahead of us! Read on to a get short round up of YOOtheme's work and what's happening next at YOOtheme.

Two weeks ago we finally released the first Alpha version of Pagekit to the public. It is such a big relief after more than 2 years of hard work. Make sure to follow the latest Pagekit news on the offical blog. Just head over and check out the first post about the Pagekit launch. But besides Pagekit, there is more... We are really excited about our other product lines. A lot of major updates are coming.

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First Pagekit Talk

We showed Pagekit at the Symfony User Group meetup in Hamburg

Pagekit at Symfony User Group Hamburg

Every two months, a bunch of interested Symfony users in Hamburg come together to meet up in mindworks welcoming office. This week, about 20 members gathered for YOOtheme’s guest talk about our latest project, our new and modern CMS Pagekit. After a few chats on the balcony and enjoying first refreshments our team started with the slides they had prepared for the evening. Here is a short roundup.

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Recap 2013

Look back with us at this years highlights

Recap 2013 - Look back with us at this years highlights

2013 is almost over and we are looking back on many great experiences. We are very happy with everything we could achieve. Read on to reminisce with us about the past year at YOOtheme and find out what can be expected for 2014.

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