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The YOOteam in Boston

Joomla World Conference 2013 was awesome!

The YOOteam in California!

We had a great time at the Joomla World Conference 2013, which took place at Boston's Harvard Medical School. Big thanks to all the organizers, speakers and participants we had the chance to meet there. The range of talks was enormous and all of them were worth a look and a listen.

Boston City

Apart from the Joomla World Conference 2013 we took advantage of the opportunity to get to know Boston. What an amazing city! Not only the Harvard campus was quite impressive but also Boston's city and the beautiful harbour are worth a visit. Our personal highlight was an evening at the Barking Crab, where we all had giant crabs that were freshly caught out of the sea.

I ♥ YOO Winners

It was amazing to meet you all and take time for a talk and a beer! We hope you all had a great journey to Boston, a good time at the JWC 13 and came back home safely. Many of you sent us wonderful pictures for the competition, which show your love towards YOOtheme. THANK YOU for every picture!

All winners of a Joomla theme developer membership will be notified by mail today!

Photo competition winning pictures

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Joomladay Germany

The entire YOOtheme team joined the crowd in Nuremberg and presented Warp 7 and UIkit.

Joomladay Germany 2013

Last Friday we attended the Joomladay Germany in Nuremberg. Even though we could only be there for the business day, we had great fun, got to meet old friends, saw a number of interesting talks and had giant cookies. Congrats to the organizers who did a great job on the event. We even had the chance to present two sessions of our own. Our developer Artur also took the opportunity to give a lightning session during the tech talks. For those who missed our presentations, you can watch them here through the Jandbeyond Youtube channel. Both sessions were held in German.

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Joomla!Day Germany 2013

We are doing two talks about Warp and UIkit at the Joomla!Day Germany in Nürnberg!

Joomla!Day Germany 2013

This year's Joomla!Day takes place on 13th and 14th of September in Nürnberg! It's a two day event: The Business Day on Friday and the Community Day on Saturday. Both days come with a great speaker lineup.

YOOtheme is again Silver sponsor and the whole team will be attending the Business Day. Even better, we will give two talks that day, one about the Warp theme framework and one about our new UIkit front-end framework. It will be a great introduction on how to build Joomla themes with both frameworks.

We are giving away two tickets for both days. Just retweet our tweet to get a chance to win. Or head over to the Joomla!Day website and book your tickets there.

Hope to see you in Nürnberg!

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We are growing

A brief update on our future plans


This post is about the `Status Quo` of YOOtheme, our future plans and the new product pricing. In the last 6 months we spent a lot of time developing and re-inventing the foundation of our themes. Namely, our new Warp 7 framework which is behind all our current theme releases and UIkit, our new front-end framework.

Theme releases

During the development of our latest themes we realized a rising complexity. Five years ago all we had to do was to make the theme look great in every browser. Nowadays, themes are much more feature-rich. They are responsive and we have to deal with all kinds of viewports and devices. Our latest Warp 7 release brings two new elements into the development: LESS and our new customizer. Making the customizer work great takes a lot of tweaking of all the different variables. Also, the demo content and style variations have become a lot more sophisticated and require a lot of work. In conclusion, we can say that each theme takes 2 months of design and development.

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YOOtheme hack days

We are working on some new stuff...

YOOtheme hack days

What do you do, if you want to clear your head and do some profound work? You pack your computers, Xbox and some warm socks and travel to a remote island in the Baltic Sea for a couple of hack days. Well, at least that's what we did last month. In the midst of snowy nothingness we put up our gear and got shoulder-deep in working on some pretty great stuff for you.

So you may be wondering what we got up our sleeves this year? Here we go... Its been two years since we released the Warp 6 framework and we are happy to announce that Warp 7 is already in the making and scheduled to be released this summer. We are putting a lot of effort into it to make it the next state of the art theme framework. We are planning a new major Widgetkit 2 release as well as new ZOO releases later this year. All built on the latest web technologies including some great improvements. We are also working on some new projects, which we are really excited about. So stay tuned!

We will have more news and details soon, so keep checking back!

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The YOOteam in California

We are back from the Joomla World Conference and brought 10 winners in our bags.

The YOOteam in California!

First of all we want to thank all of you guys! We had a great time at the Joomla World Conference 2012. It was really exciting to meet you all and get to know the people using Joomla and our products... and of course to take great pictures with you for our photo competition!

The Power of ZOO

The JWC offered a lot of really interesting talks and keynotes on a variety of topics for developers, designers and the whole community. We were especially excited about one of them. As many of you already know the ZOOlanders attended the conference as well and gave a talk on The Power of ZOO. So the YOOtheme team did not miss out on this opportunity to listen to Daniele's great talk. Read more about it in their JWC review blog post.

San Francisco

The Joomla World Conference '12 in San Jose was not the only stop for the YOOtheme team. Being in California we had to go to San Francisco, of course. And it was totally worth it! Cable Cars, Lombard Street, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Muir Woods or China Town, we tried to visit everything we could manage in the time we had. Besides all the cool sightseeing stuff we also had the great opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving and see how everybody is going crazy on the Black Friday, including ourselves ;)

Photo Competition

It was great to meet so many people and take a photo with them. We really enjoyed talking to you and sharing some beers later. We received so many cool pictures and it was hard to pick the 10 lucky winners. All winners will be notified by mail today that they have won a Joomla theme developer membership.

A big thanks again to all of you participating in our photo competition at the conference. Enjoy the winning pictures.

Photo competition winning pictures

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Joomla World Conference

Our team is going to the JWC in San Jose!

Our team is going to the Joomla World Conference in San Jose!

If you're going to San Francisco... ♪

...you're gonna meet some gentle people there. If you're going to San Francisco... ♪ Ok, that's not quite correct. Probably it should be more like: If you're going to San Jose, you're gonna meet the YOOtheme team! That's right, the whole YOOtheme crew is going to the upcoming Joomla World Conference 2012 from 16th - 18th November in San Jose. For us and all of you also attending the conference this will be a great opportunity to meet up, drink some beer and just have a good time together. And if that isn't enough of fun, we are also giving away free memberships!

Catch the team and win a membership!

We give away 10 Developer memberships for free! All you need to do is to take a picture with one of us and email it to info@yootheme.com. That's it! In case you don't know who we are, just take a look at our team page. We will pick the 10 lucky winners after the trip and each one gets a Developer Joomla theme club membership for free. We're excited to meet some of you guys and looking forward to have a great time at the conference.

Update: Take a look at the competition winners and read the JWC review.

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Joomla!Day Germany

Meet the YOOtheme team at the Joomla!Day Germany in Hamburg!

Joomla!Day Germany

This year the well-known Joomla!Day Germany is taking place in our hometown Hamburg! With over 25 announced talks, a great speaker list and organized by the Mambo e.V., the team who brought you JandBeyond, we are expecting a great event with lots of fun. YOOtheme is already a proud Silver sponsor and we are looking forward attending at this great event.

The Joomla!Day is a two day event: The Business Day for web agencies and companies and the Community Day for all Joomla! enthusiasts. Our team will be there on both days and will be available for all kinds of questions. You are welcome to talk with us about our templates, the Warp Theme Framework, the Widgetkit, the ZOO extension or just about Joomla - no matter if you are a newbie or an experienced developer. We are already excited and hope to meet all the guys again from the JUG meetup in Hamburg last month.

The Joomla!Day will be on September 2nd and 3rd, each day from 9:00 till 18:00. The location is at OTTO ("find ich gut"), Wandsbeker Str. 3-7, 22172 Hamburg. The ticket fee is very moderate: Business Day 69 EUR and Community Day only 10 EUR! Drinks during the day and lunch are included. You can book your tickets on the Joomla!Day website. C'ya there!

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JUG meetup in retrospect

First time JUG Hamburg meeting at the Casino Kampnagel

JUG meetup in retrospect

Yesterday was the Joomla User Group meeting we organized in Hamburg. Thanks to all of you who joined us. We all had a great time! We were about 30 people - from newbie to experienced Joomla user. Most of them came from Hamburg and nearby but some even traveled a longer distance from Mannheim! The meetup started at 19:30 and the last ones left shortly after midnight. We had a lot of nice conversations and it was great to meet all the people who are passionate about Joomla chatting together.

We didn't expect that much people so for us the JUG meetup was a big success. We got a lot of positive feedback during the meetup so we are confident to be organizing a second JUG meetup later this year. But next up is the Joomladay in Hamburg on September 2nd and 3rd. We will be there on both days (Business and Community Day) and will be available for all kinds of questions. We hope to see all of you guys there!

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