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UIkit 1.1 released

We added a new animation and scrollspy component

UIkit 1.1 released

After many hours of bugfixing, experiments and discussions we're thrilled to announce the release of UIkit 1.1 - The next milestone in the young life of our beloved frontend framework. The new release comes - besides many minor improvements and bugfixes - with two complete new components: Animation and ScrollSpy.

But before getting more into detail let's crunch some numbers. Uikit was forked over 100 times and found over 730 stargazers on Github since its initial release. We're also proud to announce that UIkit has been downloaded over 18335 times. This is awesome, thank you! Now let's get back to the two new great addtions you'll find in UIkit.

By Artur | | Posted in UIkit | 18 comments

Theming with UIkit

Learn more about the best practices for creating your own UIkit theme

Theming with UIkit

Today we'll show you how easily you can add your own styling to UIkit. First off, some fundamental HMTL and CSS knowledge and the basics of LESS are required.

The Basics

Let's talk about how theming in UIkit works. Each UIkit component is defined by a LESS file. LESS can not be interpreted by browsers and has to be compiled into browser friendly CSS. For that reason we use the Node.js based task runner Grunt. Once activated, it watches the directory you are working on and compiles all LESS files into one single CSS file, whenever you save a change. Learn more about this here.

On our website you can customize UIkit and download the compiled and minified CSS. For an uncompiled version of UIkit, including all source files, clone the GitHub repository. Once downloaded, you can style your theme by using variables and hooks to add your own styling to a selector. If you don't know how to clone, fork and send pull requests, take a look at the GitHub help.

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UIkit released

A lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.

UIkit Released

Today we are happy and proud to present our new family member: say hello to UIkit! After months of developing and testing we are ready to introduce this lightweight and modular front-end framework. UIkit powers the Warp 7 framework and all our new themes starting with Nano3. Check out the features..

  • Modular and extendable components
  • Consistent and conflict-free naming conventions
  • Responsive and mobile-first
  • Developed in LESS
  • Extendable with themes
  • 2 themes to get you started
  • Real-time customizer
  • Responsive, fluid and nestable grid
  • Off-canvas navigations
  • Navs, dropdowns, modals, buttons and much much more
  • Supports RTL out of the box
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • And much more...

And the best thing about it? UIkit is completely MIT licensed, meaning that you can use it free for all your personal or commercial projects, without any restrictions. It's hosted on GitHub and open for everyone to contribute.

UIkit Website

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